2 ms ASIO latency and completely stable @ 96, 48 and 44.1 KHz

All those years of constant justification and being resigned to just calmly saying "Oh well, it'll hopefully pan out somehow" for generally constant hit and miss DAW performance and many instances of it seriously fucking up now realistically looks like its all going to go away once and for fucking all??!!! THANK FUCKING FUCK FOR THAT!!  
I know I said windows 7 was fast pre and post release, and it is for general use. But due to my lack of vocabulary and possibly poor education the only way to describe 8 whether as a general user OS or a truly serious DAW with true rock steady performance? Just fucking unfucking-believably fast, especially with all the frustration 7 has generated during my entire time trying to use it for DAW purposes even after optimization. It's like truly soothing medication of some kind for an undulating condition/annoyance that looked like it couldn't be cured as far as DAW performance in 7 went on my particular DAW rig. 8 on the other hand even in its developer and release preview builds truly allowed my system to perform effortlessly well as a DAW and still left plenty of breathing room to spare. That's even before stripping down of all unessential stuff for DAW use. Lets just hope it holds up for 8's final release. There's no way I'm going to go back to 7 for DAW use. That's not to say 7 is terrible or bad as an OS, in fact its very good and fast for general use, running VM's or gaming, but it is just absofuckinglutely fucking fail awful of stupendously epic proportions for DAW purposes especially having experienced how 8 handles for the same specialized DAW application to make it feel faster overall without a single flaw in system performance and without requirement of more additional power or speed on the hardware front in order to achieve it. Yeah, Windows 8 is truly that good as a DAW OS.