Having arrived back in the UK it looks like the performance of the release preview build of Windows 8 on the same hardware has vastly deteriorated despite not having changed the equipment configurations.

Just to be sure I reinstalled the W8RP OS fresh to still glean the same deteriorated results in system performance. Video rendering under the same system loads was now vastly choppier for stutter and audio drop to now be apparent where it hadn't been previously the case whilst in Cambodia. The windows 8 release preview build was now performing as badly as Windows 7 for all the same tasks whilst in the UK despite the glowing test results 8RP produced whilst out in Cambodia.

Whilst testing Windows 8 release preview out in Cambodia it pretty much didn't suffer any of the same audio drop and GPU rendering problems that Windows 7 was having through out the entire time I'd actually used Windows 7 whether I was in France, the UK or Cambodia.

It also seems with the fresh re-install of Windows 8 release preview I performed whilst in the UK, the OS now has trouble recognizing the Z4 mixer much in the way XP64 wouldn't recognize the Z4 mixer at all whilst I was in Cambodia. This was despite the fact that the Z4 would be recognized immediately in W8RP whilst I was in Cambodia. 

Eventually after 10 or so reboots and restarts the Z4 finally registered as being a recognized device, however from time to time it still won't register on the system as recognized when connected.

Conclusion Its got to be something happening on the server side maybe?

I guess I can only check to see if the this persists with further testing, but if it does persist there isn't much more that could be said other than Windows 8 under more regular conditions is just as bad as Windows 7 for the same types of DAW applications.