With a little bit of tinkering within the settings it looks like W8RP has gotten a little closer to being how it was when it first shone in testing when used with the Z4, but only in part. 

Visual rendering issues resolved

It looks like Aero was just something that had to go this time round despite previously being able to render all the same kinds of visuals super smoothly in 8 with Aero on. But in switching to none  Aero mode I was now able to smoothly run all the visual elements for Ableton at full 1920x1200 res very smoothly. Manually blocking all the firewall ports (including the ones that were already grayed out) helped to speed the visual rendering and the response of the machine a little further. That’s to say it felt much snappier overall. 

Unresolved audio streaming issues

However, the audio streaming issues seemed to have now returned to stay which definitely is not a good thing. Especially having been totally free of them whilst testing the exact same release preview build of 8 whilst in Cambodia.  The audio streaming issues between the Z4 and the laptop  pretty much mirror all the audio streaming issues that were occurring in windows 7 for the same audio applications purpose. This is despite the same W8RP OS working perfectly under the exact same scenario and hardware configuration on the local machine.