I'm more of a click and point gamer coming through the route of A-Train and eventually moving onto SimCity in all its variants to the present day. The last time I owned a console to do nothing else but sleep, eat and breath video games was when it was all about Mario vs. Sonic on 16-bit consoles. That's not to say I haven't turned my hand to console gaming since in its more recent incarnations of different kinds but the whole Sony Move vs. Xbox360 Kinect thing did make me wonder which was actually better having never tested them out first hand. I think by default we'll be going with Kinect purely because someone just happens to have a 360 in the household.

From what I can gather Kinect as a physical controller requires nothing but your actual body and the movement you produce with it to control your games.  It does this by using the biometric feedback from your entire body possibly a bit like a scanner.  Needless to say that the control response would no doubt be one to one making  for a far more immersive and maybe more intuitive experience depending on the game. I reckon this might be one to watch as the technology matures when coupled with 3D visual technology when that reaches full maturity since it'll be even more immersive which is a pretty exciting prospect. But in the mean time it's definitely bringing something new to the table as far as game control is concerned.  If only it could be adapted to computer control over a large screen too, that would definitely be impressive. Then again if you're not a fan of the recent airport scan saga you might not like the Kinect for obvious reasons. For all those that didn't know, by using the infra-red spectrum the 360 can detect body heat which is a good source of biometric feedback. Fella's just be careful you don't have any involuntary reactions to certain games or certain stimuli. Lets just hope they don't try to make street fighter for this, although the initial thought sounded good in my head I could imagine there be a fair few broken plant pots and trips to the infirmary with any attempts at hurricane kicks. But imagine being able to pull off an haduken??!  Which also reminds me Kinect also has voice recognition which seems to be quite accurate. Whatever the case I think you'd need a fair bit of space to use it.

In the other "corner" we're still using a physical controller the likes of which we've already seen with the Wii but more progressed so nothing too new there. However this does look infinitely more accurate then the Wii in terms of tracking from various demonstrations I'd seen.  Rather then tracking your whole body it only visually tracks a glowing orb at the top of a physical hand held object within a 3D vector which will obviously feel a lot more natural and will be a lot more accurate for playing certain types of games. Again the tracking looked phenomenally accurate.

Why can't it be like how a control pad is still a control pad that performs the same function regardless of the variation in layout and shape specific to a console? Its a shame you can't use a combination of the two since that would no doubt be the most comprehensive solution for the greatest level of accuracy. That and er... maybe this thing.