Whilst I was visiting the UK I had a little trouble finding some way of easily connecting wirelessly to an Orange Livebox.  From what I can gather there are a number of different variants of the Orange Livebox made by different manufacturers. Generally I was well accustomed with the Segam version which gives you a  lot more direct control over your wireless connections including direct Mac filtering.

However if you're one of the ones with an Inventel made Orange Livebox there is no way of directly inputting Mac addresses for Mac filtering. Also there isn't much on connecting wireless devices to the Inventel version of the Livebox that doesn't instruct you to install the Orange software on your comp first which left me a little confounded for quite some time. Plus the last thing I needed was more software that wasn't necessary just to use it for a temporary period of time or to actually get in home wireless access. But as it turns out the solution was pretty simple.

How to easily set up your Inventel Livebox without installing bloating Orange software to your computer:

1. Connect to your Inventel Livebox via one of the Ethernet connections and wait for Windows to establish and confirm that the connection is active.

2. Open your web browser and enter this web address directly into the address bar : This should take you to the front page of the Livebox's built in menu system.

3. It should then tell you that you need to enter a username and password to access the menu system. Click on the notice and it should then ask you for the for a username and password in order to access the Livebox setup menu's.

4. The username by default is "admin". This is also the password.

5. Drop into the menu and click on "configuration". After clicking it you should see a whole bunch of other options drop down. Select "wireless" from these options.
6. Ok, you need to specify the maximum pairing time.  This is the amount of time it will allow devices to register with the Livebox. You can set it to allow a registration window of 3 minutes right up to 60 minute in which to register before it dis allows any further registration of wireless devices. 3 minutes should be enough if you're sat right next to it. But if your Orange Livebox is in a completely different room say on the other side of the house or on different floors you might want to set it to 10 minutes, possibly even longer if you've got a peg leg.

7. Now you need to get your Livebox key which will allow your wireless devices to connect to the Livebox. You can find this by clicking "security".  After which you should see more options drop down. From the additional options select "wireless connection". There you should now be able to see your security key next to where it says "Security key (WPA-TKIP)". Write down this security key exactly as it is.

8. Disconnect the wired Ethernet connection from your computer to the Orange Livebox.

9. To register a wireless connection with any kind of wireless device to the Inventel Livebox you first need to take a look at the back of it. There you should see a USB port with two buttons just above them aptly labelled  1 and 2. Press the button that's labelled "1". Now go back to the computer/device that you want to connect wirelessly to the Orange Livebox.

10. Initiate the connection process on your device. It should then ask you for the security key. Enter the security key that you wrote down earlier and then connect. Your wireless computer or device should now be registered to allow for wireless connectivity with you Inventel Orange Livebox.

Hint: If your PC is on a wired Ethernet connection and you have some sort of wireless USB device that didn't come with any sort of driver disc don't remove your Ethernet connection just yet. Plug in your USB wireless adaptor first. If you have a legit copy of windows Vista or 7 it should automatically download the drivers to make it work with your computer as soon as you plug it in. Once its finished and confirms that the device is working you can then disconnect the Ethernet connection.