Other then the tech worlds adoption of the term to describe a form of portable computer, what does the term notebook bring to mind? I know for sure its definitely not something that you could only use if you have power and its certainly not something that's necessarily big and clunky.

I'm sure many out there have come to thinking if only there was a device that was capable of running some kind of full user friendly polished OS such as OSX, Vista(possibly after a little tweaking to make it light enough) or possibly the upcoming windows 7 (if its all its cracked up to be) that allowed you to run all actual full blown desktop/laptop office like functions without having to worry too much about having "power" like you would with an actual pen and paper notebook.

In a way I guess Netbooks were a step closer to that although even after the scaling back of power sucking component there wasn't much in the way of any kind of substantial improvement in uptime away from the mains. Even then they were still a fair way off any definition of an actual notebook.

Sure, it would pretty much be impossible to produce any kind of electronics device that didn't require some form of electrical power, but I would have thought trying to extend its ability to last away from the mains would be a major goal in making it come as close as possible to the actual definition of a notebook.

Dusty prototype foleo's in desk draws everywhere must have shivered just as I textually walk over its grave yet again, but its the only thing that comes to mind as I look on Sony's revised Vaio P Netbook which essentially is what it should have been in terms of form factor and functionality. The difference being that the Vaio P is actually capable of running the main stable of standardised full blown PIM's and office applications found on desktops and laptops everywhere as well as giving you a means of getting a real internet surfing experience on the go without having to squint at a pokey little screen like on my PDA/cell hybrid. the only thing that I haven't found out yet is its mains starved uptime once fully charged, however if I were to hazard an uneducated guess, judging from its form factor and stated weight of a mere 1.4 lbs I shouldn't think it would be that much more then the current average despite its power sipping combination of innards.

At the same I guess Sony could pretty much brandish their been there and done that T-shirt with little trouble in this instance since they've pretty much been doing this kind of thing long before the Netbook craze even took off. I guess in the current setting they're just better placed to bring their once again polished offering to the table this time round in its updated and more refined form. Still though the $900+ price tag was enough to make me wince despite kinda' wanting one.

At the same time its price range is a far cry from the promising and seemingly ambitious OLPC project which seems to have gone into another phase of development in trying to put together an edge to edge dual touchscreen notebook for under 200 dollars?! Even from the mock ups the device would even have masses of appeal to the commercial market within adult circles if it was to run some kind of scant Windows based OS as claimed. But for two hundred dollars? The last time I checked a more humbly sized basic iPod touch would run you anywhere between 250 and 300 dollars.