I was reminded about a thought I had whilst knocking out the Z's. It was over the best kinds of headphones a DJ could use for prolonged periods of time related to health reasons beyond the obvious potential hazard of excessive volumes that can come from any style of headphones.

Its to do with the kinds of environments that encourage the growth of bacteria and the potential onset of ear infections. This could also be be linked to sinus problems as your ear holes are linked to you sinus cavities. Your sinus pathways are also linked to your throat. The likely hood of people washing their hand each and everytime before handling their snuggly fitting silicon earbuds or headphones is slim to none. I think most people remember the video's they saw in highschool of how quickly bacteria multiplies. People depend on their vocal cords might want to take note.

So the next time someone tells you how obsolete certain types of headphones are on some sort of supposed technical merit of modern design functionality and purpose, as well as so called progression, might want to take a look at this video just below.

The reality is most producers and DJ's will wear headphones for very long periods at a time. DJ's especially often encounter warm and enclosed humid condtions by default. Any type of headphones that would reduce any potential health risks beyond the obvious for all headphones that are related to excessive high noise levels are a good thing in my opinion and books.