This kind of leads on from my last post. However this is more to do with using game console controllers on your PC games rather then game console emulation. But from what I hear keyboard and mouse PC gaming veterans have been pasting xbox360 users left right and centre in various multi-platform, multi-player online games. Which kind of makes me think would it not make more sense to get keyboard and mouse control rocking for the console platforms to level the playing field a little more?

Whatever the case, if game console control for your desktop/laptop gaming rig is what you want then that’s exactly what I'm pointing you in the direction of here. 

Hardened PC gamers tempted by the potential joys of xbox360 controllerism, you want to click here. You'll find a pretty in-depth guide with official drivers direct on the official Microsoft site for getting it all working.

All those hardened PC gamers looking for some PS3 gaming control action will want to look here. It’s a little more underground with there seemingly being no official support from Sony or Microsoft for this thing. I've not actually tested it out myself but apparently everything works besides the motion sensor. As PS3 game controller owners will know there's no need for special adaptors since it uses the USB standard.  

The instructions for setting up the PS3 controller are a little less in depth and they go something like this... 

1. Download this archive and install the filter driver (libusb-win32-filter-bin-
2. Unpack ps3sixaxis_en.exe
3. Plug the SIXAXIS into your PC.
4. Run ps3sixaxis_en.exe once.
5. Push the PS button on the SIXAXIS once if it doesn’t see it straight away.