Why would anyone want to run Xbox 360 games on a PC? If you have to ask that with some view to casting some kind of negative context over it then why not ask "why would anyone make any sort of emulator for any type of machine in the first place?"

I personally wouldn't have any issue if the xbox360 was actually able to do a lot more then just play games but back to the point...

I was doing a little research off the back off some suggestion of xbox360 emulation for one of my machines. I was of the thought that if it was possible it would essentially save me having to buy additional hardware if you could emulate an xbox360 on a PC. Needless to say that a lot of PC's/laptops have far more powerful GPU's and processors then the xbox360 and PS3. Some PC's have far more power then both consoles combined.

I guess there's the more obvious option of just running PC games and using an xbox360 controller with your PC/laptop for playing the PC games with, not to mention that you wouldn't be limited to the hardware specifications of the emulated consoles if your particular machine exceeded them by actually running the PC version instead (provided there is a PC version). But I guess that would be a little too easy for budding enthusiasts. 

I thought this one was too easy and I was originally going to pass just pass over it and let it slide. But since other people are trollin' on the xbox360 saying that its nothing but a gaming PC I thought I might as well do a little target practice and throw my few cents worth in whilst venting some frustrations from other unrelated stuff.

I don't know if people realize this, but the games for which both PS3 and xbox360 were mostly designed, created and tested on some kind of PC before being tested and sold to the general consumer on the actual end user consoles platforms.

In fact there are even laptops with the appropriate top end specifications that are designed with the kind of clout to run the kinds of development applications for actually creating some of the most current 3D games that you can buy for the PS3 and xbox360 right now. I don't think there would be much shame if an xbox360 was compared to a PC, since modern mid to top end PC gaming rigs far exceed the specifications of the PS3 and xbox360 as far as generating high speed graphical eye candy is concerned.

Needless to mention that PC's are pretty versatile in the sense that they can in fact actually run other OS's besides Windows. That also includes OSX if you have the means and knowledge although you would technically be infringing on certain legal restrictions in doing so.