I don't represent Korg. Nor do I have any shares in the company. But why certain individuals seem to feel the need to use and highlight the word zero within various inverse contexts as if it will somehow attach greater negative perceptions to the word zero within the media is beyond me. Have they become that popular as a DJ mixer that someone feels they need to curb their sales that badly?
Whatever the case. Sure the word zero as far as making money and acquiring status is concerned is definitely a bad thing. We all definitely want to go from "zero to hero" as it were and definately not have zero funds.
...as far as people that are familiar with professional audio/digital audio equipment are concerned, the closer you get to the elusive zero latency the better as far as digital audio production equipment is concerned when thinking in terms of response times whether that be to do with syncing up of multiple pieces of digital equipment, a controller of some kind or streaming high quality audio for editing in real time.
I don't know if its even possible to achieve absolute zero latency as far as digital audio/video editing/creation equipment is concerned, but Zero latency means no delay in signal response or conversion. The closer you get to zero latency the faster it is between controller execution and response for a more intuitive feel such as in the case of digital instruments and the use of MIDI in general.
The Korg Zero 4 is digital audio equipment. As far as its vinyl emulation capabilities go, a stable 2ms response time in conjunction with the M6400 is the closest I've ever seen to near zero latency in all my years (time) of testing these various types of equipment within various configurations for the specific purpose of vinyl emulation. Its also possible to set it between 4 - 2ms when connecting and audio streaming via ASIO between the Zero4 to a relatively capable computer over Firewire. Zero is most definitely more hero in this instance and context of pro digital audio equipment and vinyl emulation purposes as most audio engineers will know.
Did you know that there is a certain degree of latency between the touch and response time of touch screen devices? The nearer zero that latency the more natural, accurate and fast the response when using such devices.
How about the response and accuracy of your HID with it costing more the more accurate and responsive it is?
The nearer zero the latency/response time on your LCD display the better it is at handling high frame rate, high speed video and graphic motion with no blur.
Then there's also... I could go on but won't.