eBay is like crack, not that I've ever tried crack but I hear its highly addictive. Crack being addictive that is, and eBay is that. Addictive.  But obviously eBay is in no way near as bad for your health unless you have some kind of blood pressure related health problem having decided to take it upon yourself to become a seller with a bent for high levels of customer service. But I think that’s generally the majority of eBay sellers. The strangest thing is you can find the most obscure to the most highly in demand things whilst perusing its pages whether they be general used or brand new wears to cutting edge gadgets. But if like me you hate waiting for the auctions to time themselves out over days as the bids incrementally roll in by the slights there are enough alternate listings that will save you cash and time with all the instant "buy it now" listings to be found too. So even if you don't snap up a bargain at auction there a many instant buy listings that will still save you a whole stack of dough over the more regular realms of the high street. They've even now included an option to submit best offers to negotiate prices on instant buy items to tempt you into parting with your cash too. But you might be wondering is it a safe place to buy stuff ?? Well for the main part I'd say its proven itself to be pretty safe time and time again as nearly everything I've ordered has arrived exactly as promised, and in  the few instances where things have gone a little pear shaped the bods at eBay were more then helpful at making sure everything got sorted out mostly in favor of protecting the buyer having experienced it as a buyer.  I also say this having had a taste as the seller amidst some very competitive sellers.  But as ever its always good to thoroughly read any listing there and for the main part you'll find very honest listings giving you full warning of any potential risks and limitations as well as assurances on top of the measures that eBay put in place to ensure that their customers are not left ripped off.  Also its generally a bad idea to buy from any seller with negative or very low feedback scores (especially those with no feedback at all) but that generally stands to reason and comes with a little common sense. Ok, time to get back to what I know best, gonna go and spin some choons through the small hours for a little break away from the shaky new vice that’s made these bags under my eye even bigger.