You might do this for reasons of replacing a damaged keyboard or changing to a more native keyboard type for easier typing to then find its doing weird stuff you don't want it to when it actually comes to typing on it.


1.  Numbers appear instead of letters after fitting a new internal built in keyboard when pressing the following characters on an eeePC:  u, i, o, j, k, l, m.

2. The problem still persists when re-installing your original built in netbook eeePC keyboard. 

Don't panic, if it's not due to a hardware problem it can easily be fix with the following solution.


Install the most current ACPI drivers for your specific model of eeePC net book if you don't already have a functioning version of the drivers installed to your machine. The reason for this is to fully activate the secondary Fn/function keys on your eeePC net book to unlock certain keyboard secondary function modes that might not currently be accessible.

Once the drivers are fully installed press the "fn" and then "F11" key at the same time. This will disengage the "Num Lk" (number lock). Now you should be able to type as you normally would on the keyboard.