At the time of pre -release testing and actual release Vista just wouldn't work on many machines for being too heavy, that's assuming it actually installed on the machine to begin with. There were many machines that it just wouldn't install to. Above anything it was quicksand slow on many machines it did actually install to in the general consumer domain pre beta testing and post release. Windows 7 addressed this straight out of the blocks pre testing and post release. It even worked on machines that Vista refused to run on whilst also running quite quickly. Windows 8 is even lighter and faster and its still perfectly possible just to click stuff and browse the internet in it. There will definitely be support for 3rd party web browsers if you don't like internet explorer in its version 10 form since the courts have ruled long ago that it would be illegal for Microsoft to ban them from the OS. But the last time I checked there's an explorer web browsing mode that looks and functions exactly like version 9 as far as the interface and shell is concerned. Meaning its possible to still browse in a multi-tasking like manner. Its also already pinned to the Aero taskbar on the desktop in the release preview, so you still have both something to instantly click and launch to then browse the internet on. I absolutely hated and despised Vista with a passion at pre and post launch since it just neglected many user systems whilst expecting everybody to just upgrade. It still ran like shit on my newly built tower system post Vista launch. Windows 8 on the other hand will in fact make less powerful machines run faster and smoother, even more so then 7 did from a purely operational standpoint as an OS on hardware running it. The performance of Windows 8 beyond the actual new GUI features for DAW use was just astounding even in its pre-release form. It actually works for me with actual testing and full on scrutiny. If it failed in the same vain as Vista in terms of performance as a general user none specialised application OS I'd have been one of the first to dump on it without any reserve a long time ago.