The internet is a place where the ideal of net neutrality is not exactly the reality, even if the so called claimed commercially driven interest of big companies trying to undermine net neutrality was no longer a factor in any hypothetical sense. But just as in the unvirtual world any potentially far and widely mass reaching medium is controlled to a certain degree. Cue the craziness in Afghanistan. So even Google's ideal of an uncensored internet is far from the reality even amidst the freedoms of the western world just as political correctness within all mainstream channels of media is maintained to a relatively strict standard (despite the sometimes seemingly controversial content/media out there). I guess to a certain degree its pretty understandable against the backdrop of such differing opinions and ideas in a globally and instantly connectable world. Even the most seemingly (and in actual fact) harmless of behavior or spectacle on the internet could potentially offend someone to whatever degree. But as ever I might remind such folk that in every true sense you have the literal option to just not look at whatever it is that might be offending your eyeballs just by instantly closing the window, or by turning it off or just by instantly navigating somewhere else where it is to your unruffled liking.
Take the obvious issue of racism for example amongst the many-many other things that I could mention. Imagine if the mainstream mass media was allowed to be used as a platform to voice racist and insight inflammatory ideology and opinion. I wouldn't like to see the kinds of chaos that would in sue within any potential following scenario to come about. But as most people would realize hateful marginalization and discrimination for something that we can't physically change is something that most of us would not like to be subjected to thus to some degree have an understanding as to why we wouldn't want to subject other people to that type of treatment. But whether individuals choose to follow that reasoning whilst being aware of it is another matter.
I think that would be more so the case if we had an understanding of what it is to be discriminated against for something that wasn't harming anyone on any short term and long term physical and/or mental level and/or was something that we couldn't change which is obvious really. At the same time I guess that's only true if the experience was processed and taken from in a certain way as its well known that it could also have the opposite effect of the individual that was subjected to the discrimination becoming the same way as those their tormentor(s) or becoming even more so towards other people.
But here's the big problem, if you truly believe in freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, you can't really expect or force somebody to not have racist or discriminatory attitudes towards others if that's truly where their state of mind is. Its as empty and meaningless as forcing somebody to love you when you know they're into someone else or just aren't into you. As far as the racism thing goes it obviously only really becomes an issue if it actually effects or imposes on other individuals in an adverse way or against their will. But as ever it boils down to the fact that they would most probably not accept or suffer it themselves if they were contextually subjected to the same sorts of things relevant to their particular circumstance.
So how do we nurture a worldly enlightened attitude and view so people would be responsible enough to handle such a freedom without the world falling apart? At the same time I'd also have to point out that although the idea of homogenization sounds great, it obviously isn't in various other contexts as the world would be a far duller place if everyone was exactly the same. But at the very least we could better place certain individuals with other of the same leaning and values if it isn't actually disrespecting or harming anyone.
I guess it all boils down to what makes us individually tick. Some people are deeply defined by their ongoing struggle just as some will find a strange sort of purpose in it to then maybe also find that they're at a loss when they no longer have to deal with that "struggle" in any real way if they haven't in fact actually grown tired of it and obviously there will also be others who are tired of it and/or could genuinely do without it.
Then there are those who just enjoy what they do just in how they've been socialized, how they've socially evolved and will ultimately be hard wired to do and be so to speak regardless of the consequences of their actions and impact it has on others despite knowing and being aware of it.