As an iPad dock from a purely functional standpoint? Not very much. But as an iPad dock from a visual design standpoint there's something about this wedge that chafed my visual cortex completely  the wrong way with the optical feedback I was getting off it no matter how hard I tried to look past it. Surely a better solution would just be to create a charging dock with a vastly smaller foot print and put a 3.5 mm jack on it for hooking up any type speakers/sound system that you liked. Oh wait a minute , don't Apple already have a ready made solution for that?? Then also maybe throw in Bluetooth connectivity for connecting Apples own much more visually pleasing wireless Apple keyboard or some other alternative Bluetooth keyboard?   Then maybe you could also throw in Wi-Fi connection with routing capability into the dock/stand so you could maybe optionally use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless remote?? After which all that would be needed is some software to be created to help simplify the process of network tunneling and connection. You could also maybe put a couple of USB ports on it for optionally connecting Apples USB keyboard or any other kind of USB keyboard for that matter if you maybe don't fancy the wireless keyboard option. 

Keep in mind that this was designed to be used in the home so the need to streamline it into a single device isn't necessarily as crucial. From what I can see Its hardly small either. What could you buy as an alternative for $129? I know I could certainly come up with a better concept and design.

Official Apple wireless keyboard $60 (connects directly with the iPad)


Official Apple iPad dock $29 (also includes 3.5mm line out port for connecting to speakers or sound system of your choice, and an apple port for either connecting to a computer or a mains charger/adaptor.

Total cost? $90.

The chances are you'll already have your own wireless router which you can use for using an iPhone as a wireless remote (if you have an iPhone that is). You'll most likely already have your own speakers/sound system too.

Stuff this thing reminds me of

The second version of the Commodore C64 without the cassette deck and strangely shaped power brick.

First version.