The fact that the iPad was not going to officially support Flash out of the blocks was apparently a big thing but it didn't really strike me as anything remotely scandalous at the time as its been made to be by many a folk. Talk of HTML5 also slightly tweaked my interest just a little purely because I was aware that it was a streamlined web platform that was geared toward providing internet content on mobile devices which if you hadn't noticed is pretty much potentially nearly every single Smartphone out there that’s capable of browsing the web not to mention the iphone and the iPod touch.


Sure from what I hear HTML5 is still apparently evolving and its capabilities are currently pretty limited when compared to Flash. However with big hitters like YouTube and Wired apparently already rolling out the HTML 5 support I can't see it hurting the iPad too much especially when you look at how the use of Flash has already been limited on their ever popular iPhones and iPod touches. Apparently a number of other big and well known web content providers other then those already mentioned that also formatting their sites to automatically detect iPAD use in order provide HTML 5 content when navigating to their sites with an iPad.


As ever I shouldn't think it would be too long before we see various applications (officially or unofficially endorsed) that allow for flash based contents to be viewed on the device if required. No doubt in due time  the HTML5 platform will also mature and gain many more features to competently go up against Flash, but  with such backing firstly by Apple themselves along with the numbers of content providers already willing to provide their content in HTML5 I can't really see it necessarily failing. Plus it doesn't necessarily mean it will be the end of flash as I can definately see it being supported on regular desktop browsers for some time to come just as some big cheese from the adobe camp was quoted as saying too. However there'll no doubt be many who will make the switch in due time for the sake of not having to reproduce the same content several times over for various different web platforms. If Apple were willing to take the initiative with this I'd also be willing to speculate that they may even be the first to switch over to HTML5 in their regular desktop browser currently on their Macs and Macbooks in due course, or at least if and when its capable of providing all the same kinds of functionality and contents that flash delivers to the end consumer but that’s just my opinion. No doubt that will be determined by any potential increases in performance and security whilst providing the appropriate level of solid reliability. Either way it’s a means of championing innovation without having to remove what's already in place. If anything they will at least initially have a relatively more secure platform of their own that they can watch over and nurture more easily then the currently already widely used flash across the many commonly used desktop OS platforms. (keeping in mind the complaint about peoples knowledge of such widely used and long established OS that allow for them to be much more easily manipulated and abused)