I kind of think some people might have been jumping the gun about E readers replacing books. But really I don't see any realistic chance of that happening until they come up with a device that would be able to operate at any given time without the need to charge it for any prolonged period just for a few hours of use.

The technological optimists need to remember that you're competing with actual books. Although currently impossible something along the lines of a hypothetical E-reading device being able to charge off a few seconds in the sun (assuming its solar powered which don't even exist yet as far as I'm aware) to last for years before the next recharge would be close to acceptable as a replacement for books. Since you'd want to be able to read even if there was now means of electrically charging your device much in the way that books work.

On a completely different but loosely related note. Much in the way that particular individuals know exactly what music we're listening to and when right down to the second by second track progression thanks to the digital age, the ushering in of a completely digital e-reading world would mean that certain individuals would know what you're reading, where, when and how right down to the page and sentence you're on. Library check out conspiracy theorist can sleep a little more unsoundly in a total e-reading world although they use the internet with little trouble.