After we guys orgasm all we want to do is roll over and go to sleep for a while after all the endorphins get released and do their doings. Of course during puberty I remember being so horny that I'd still be lit up and ready to go after getting my rocks off several times over, but oh how that has changed. Girls however don't to seem to have this kind of decline with age and are capable of multiple orgasms within the same single run throughout their life. Meaning after they orgasm once they are still capable of having more via different physical points on their body or the same point depending on which one you used to bring her to climax. Which is why it might be an idea that she goes first as you'd be more likely to want to do it and stay horny throughout which is hardly the case once a guy has shot their load.

Beyond the purpose of procreation we obviously also use sex for pleasure in this day and age. We as guys would pretty much wonder what the point of it was if we weren't able to get any sort of sexual satisfaction from it in the form of some sort of orgasm. Now imagine what it'd be like for a lot of girls out there. If every time I had sex I wasn't able to orgasm (knowing that I physically could and wanted to in having no issues with orgasming) at least once by the time it was "over" so to speak I would really begin to consider what the whole point of it was purely as something that was done for pleasure. I would certainly want to get it somewhere else if I knew it was possible to orgasm and have done in the past with someone else via whatever means but just wasn't able to from penetrative sex with my supposed monogamous partner via whatever means.

However it might be an idea to know what it is that you're looking for before hand otherwise you could pretty much be aimlessly sloshing around downstairs in her box for an hour to have achieved absolutely nothing other then to have gained a tired tongue, a tired jaw, a mouth full of juices and a runny nose whilst she's just a little bored. On top of that your prowess has most likely been dented in failing to satisfy your woman and you'll probably feel a little disheartened to then question what the point cunnilingus is. Also if its something that you didn't actually enjoy you'll most probably be thinking you're definitely not going to be doing that again.

Also from what I've been told, if you do actually know what buttons to press you could be there in 10 to 15 minutes (possibly less) for the first gush on a good day to average around 20 the rest of the time. For all those that don't genuinely enjoy it the results may serve as a motivator with any display of genuine expressions of ecstasy, body shudder to then have your head gripped like a vice at the point of climax. It definitely makes it all the more worth while. The key part being that its genuine and not fake which is partly what you'll get off on. Ok for all those not too accustomed to the natural smell after a whole day of being cooped up it might be an idea to politely ask her to give the box a thorough lather and rinse before hand which helps to make it infinitely more enjoyable. As far as I'm aware there are special Ph balanced wash lotions specifically for that area that will do the job infinately better then just regular soap.

What? You want to know what to do? You're on the internet, there's no more a unique insight I could give that isn't already out there. You might as well just look it up.

If however this is what comes to mind when thinking cunnilingus you might want to just skip it altogether or consider batting for the other team. Unless of course it does actually look like that in which case I don't blame ya'. It's apparently a picture of a squid beak.