I guess there's all sorts of club candies out there but for all those specifically still hung up on biscuit chomping naughtiness amongst the other vast assortments to be had, it might be worth heading on over to www.bluelight.ru. Its an absolute trove of information about those little pills that eventually sent you loopy in trying to recapture the so called magic of the first drop before deciding to knock it on the head as it became a little too messy. However if a potential determined second approach is your aim after a long break away from the sweets despite still regularly enjoying the scene in less active ways that don't actually involve hitting the dance floor they'll basically fill you in with all you need to know in order to reduce the risk of frying your brain this time round or at least keeping the risk of it to a minimum. In fact it'd probably be pretty useful to anyone still working through their first run. Although some of the suggestions seem a little like overkill with the images of which kind of look like the drug regime of somebody unlucky enough to have some kind of fatal disease. If only they could stream line it into a couple of pills that had everything you needed to be taken before and after. I guess any such efforts of coming up with a streamline medication solution would be best reserved for the more worthy pursuit of helping those with actual fatal diseases. Oh well in the name relative good health if you must I guess.  Ok I'm rambling...

Anyhow if you're not put off already then read on, I reckon the info might get a little too heavy for those not wanting to deal too much with the science of it all, however for others I reckon this will have you hooked like there was no tomorrow getting to know what altered your state of mind if you didn't actually come away from it too frazzled the first time round. If you fall into the former you might want to stick with it as there are various helpful summaries in the form of useful pre and post night supplement guides to stop you feeling  like crap after a heavy night out on the biscuits. At the same time there are quite a lot of conflicting views too which could only help to inform in a sense if you're willing to research further into the discrepancies yourself (which is not very likely I guess). However more often then not its just a case of what worked for particular individuals. You just have to try and filter out those that seem to have the greatest consensus I guess. I also suggest you read the whole thing through before heading off and doing something that you maybe shouldn't with only half the picture. Although they very much seem to know what they're talking about It might be an idea to cross reference as usual if you're still uncertain.

Of course this is in no way meant to condone it but I don't think I would be being responsible if I didn't advocate some sort of "harm reduction" as they so eloquently put it. If only I knew half if not all this stuff the first time round. Others wanting to go into morality of it might just want to assess the kinds of things we can do legally and look what that does to save on having to through the same old tired debate yet again. More specific info here.

Do I really need to mention that anyone with pre-existing health problems or otherwise not in the best state of health might do best to avoid partaking in such activities in order to maintain a greater level of health for much longer. I guess it goes without saying really but you never know.