The whole issue of global warming and climate change seems to keep cropping up over and over. After you've hopefully finally been made aware of the distinct difference between the two you're pretty much still left with the question of what are we going to do about it?  Because even without the effects of global warming we're still left will the scientifically proven natural phenomena of climate change. So how do we go about averting the next potential naturally occurring ice age or even naturally occurring shifts of tropical conditions to more temperate and cooler regions of the world leading to rising sea levels and loss of habitable land mass which might have naturally occurred anyway given a large enough time frame? We always talk about "mankind" and its collective ability to master their environment how ever limited the relative influence may be in the larger global nature centric scheme of things. However its got the point where  we don't even really know how we're going to go about shaping our global environment in order to sustain its current delicate biospheric balancing act that we've grown so accustomed to in our relatively short time here in our current state of "civilisation" development. I reckon the only way to go in order to stabilize our current habitable biospheric environment is to  be able to control the weather however impossible and sci-fi like that may seem to some.

But even if steps were taken to initiate any such program, it wouldn't be without its imperfections since there'd no doubt be a learning curve to it even with the most powerful and phenomenally fast networked multi gigaflop churning computer systems on the case mapping and creating accurate models of these biospheric interdependencies and weather system outcomes in a butterflies wings kinda' way through our general tinkering  in trying to guide the hand of nature in human kinds favour as it were.

I guess the issue here is where to invest the money. Since floating cites would seemingly appear like a really viable option against the potential reality of rising sea levels. However if that same money went into researching and developing accurate and controlled ways to control the weather as well as accurately predicting and containing the effects of our manipulation of it in order to sustain the afore mentioned desired ideal climate balance, there'd be no need to create floating cities at all. But apparently the reality is that the polar ice caps are still melting and sea levels are still rising now. Is there enough time to iron out the potential technological hurdles  that may happen in order to get the required level of satellite technology and control systems just right/perfect in order to perform the kinds of weather tweaking required with out any seemingly minor environmental hiccups occurring along the way as a result of it before any such naturally occurring undesired outcomes happen? Or would it be prudent to divert funds into the development of durable materials for mass floating cities before getting mass populations into space for sustained periods of generations however far fetched that may seem?