I don't see what the big  deal is. If a genre of music can still ride the underground and remain seated somewhere near the edge of ''cool'' culture I don't see why it should necessarily want to break the mainstream. More often then not such a thing usually spells the demise of certain types of genres through over exposure if not their cool credibility or for just being crap (the later not necessarily being a bad thing in terms of the wheat n chaff metaphor) and obviously those that are left standing can pretty much pat themselves on the back for being able to work both the mainstream and the underground. I think we've got to a point where more often then not the music no matter how obscure or seemingly out there can pretty much find itself an audience being the globally connected world we live in today thanks to t'internet. The only problem is getting out to those places to play live DJ sets at the places that you're in demand since the civil digitally connected world is a pretty big place. Its just easier for better known DJ's I guess.

I remember when I first discovered clubbing, it was exciting since the music they played wasn't like anything I'd heard before and neither was it anything that I'd expect to feature in your regular mainstream chart slots. I got bitten by the club bug so to speak and never really looked back. I guess I was a little bit of a snob about it to a certain extent but not through any kind of intention. I remember how I went to other more mainstream music clubs that just didn't do anything for me. I also remember how I wobbled from mix tape rave, house and acid house, to finally getting into those more off the beat'n'track clubs which exposed me to acid techno/techno, tech house, tribal house, to slightly more popular strains of progressive house that was blazing a large part of the scene whilst all the while keeping DnB and breaks on the back burner. It's like I heard Felix the house cat say in some interview somewhere he did for Ministry. We've been pretty spoilt over in the UK for that kind of thing. I reckon despite what certain folk have to say we do champion innovation of all sorts on the music front. If one DJ doesn't pick it up some other DJ will. Its just sometimes it goes a little skerwiffy in terms of direction which in the event of isn't necessarily bad as far as I'm concerned. As long as it hasn't got any kind of seriously dubious undertones I don't think I'd have too much to say. If you don't like what you're hearing then go to the next happening underground club carrying a particular scene that plays what you're looking for since there's plenty of places for that in an around the UK.