Initially I didn't actually think this story was for real since it seemed a little too far fetched to be true whilst skimming over headlines, especially in the digital age. But at the same time it didn't seem so far fetched either and it was only until I'd seen the headline in a few places to finally make it into part of my regular rounds of news intake that I finally gave it credence. It was over a book that apparently talked about paedophilic relationships. I don't in anyway condone or advocate Paedophilia but to withdraw this book kind of presented a few things that may have countered efforts to stop it within certain contexts.

I guess there's no way for us to actually tell if this thing was authentic unless the guy who wrote it was a convicted paedophile of some sort. Depending on how detailed and accurate the book was it could in fact actually help you spot the adults and groomed children that partake in such activities more easily since they will obviously have their means of conduct in order for it to happen undetected. But from what I can gather it details the act rather then the instigation or initiation of it.

Even if it was the case where it was almost like some sort of social norm amongst certain sub cultural groups they'd also still be somewhat aware that it wasn't accepted by the wider community in a generic sense and on a global scale.

They will obviously have their ways and means of instigating and initiating such encounters without being detected. Needless to say that there will be those children that grow accustomed to such things who will also grow up socialised to such conventions and practices thinking it is normal despite its the wider general none acceptance of it. In becoming so used to it they don't generally have any issue with it despite the obvious secrecy that has to be maintained. Some may even have gotten to the point where they enjoy it for them to even eventually go onto grooming children into the whole thing themselves. As the cycle continues the whole thing becomes even more sophisticated and far harder to detect.

As within the computing world you have hackers, some do it for good where they break a system to either try to fix it via direct or more diplomatic means, others to inform where as some just do it for bad where they break it and then use it for their own purposes. This controversial book presented the dilemma of how the information will be used and by whom. I would have liked to think that it would have informed and helped people to spot the signs more easily. But on the flip side it could also  obviously help those looking to indulge paedophilic inclinations too. Then there's also the worry that it might draw other people in to it. I would have been interested to know how to spot the signs and dissipate it but again from said reports it doesn't deal in that part of it from what I can gather. If anything the total width drawl of this literature might have been the best thing to do overall but at the same time I can't help but think that in the right hands, such as of those who work toward helping people break such patterns it could have proven vital as means of knowing when it was going on in order to do something about it via the appropriate means or action. But then what is the appropriate means or action when people are involved and the constructs of social norms may be very different due to the nature of grooming. This book was also apparently written by a guy but I don't think paedophilic tendancies are something that is exclusive to a small section of males within a society. 

I also think it would help people not looking to get involved with it in anyway shape or form to steer clear of it because like I said before its not likely going to be something that you'll easily be able to detect if there is indeed to way of spotting it.

The law is clear on many things but maybe the only one true thing you can do is try to look out for it in the early stages or where there is distress or at least advocate agencies that assist in doing this. We're obviously not talking about something that solely involves concenting responsible adults here which is the main problem.

If anything this hashelped to highlight that this might still be a major issue in some form or other that needs to be addressed if in fact it is a genuine story which I still have my doubts about. The question is how since I don't think the wider public in general would be the best kinds of people to deal with this even if they knew what to look for. At the same time you don't want to create an environment where its left to go undetected and grow beyond control if it is indeed an undetected growing problem.