Okay, I was going to ditch this after seeing the listing by RA's reckoning, but it only seems a little more relevant having seen what the real time online readouts are saying about it via Rankingz.  Hopefully it should maybe place a little more context on it. Do I reckon some of the figures could be rigged? Yeah maybe, but then again you'll still all no doubt descent as appropriate about it in a weird karmic kind of way. My take? Possibly relatively accurate if you look past the figures and keep in mind the context. But beyond the numbers...

 I hadn't actually chuckled so much in ages whilst reading all the comments about all the controversy the DJmag top 100 DJ polls from last year were generating. With all the talk of Facebook fixing I was kind of thinking what happened when email, MSN chatooms, instant messaging followed by MySpace used to rule before the unified and slightly more transparent and much safer photo-centric front of Facebook was conceptualised and eventually deployed for the general public to use? It certianly meant slightly less work on the task of keeping records upto date that's for sure. Then throw into the mix the scenester club kids (mainly comprising of trendy college and university students) that made the most enthusiastic fanatical virtual and actual noise about the "cool" none mainstream luved-up party culture of clubland and the DJ's that shaped its sounds.  

Sure you had all the people that were already well into the scenes and those that actually worked in them knocking about the interwebs in general. But you know something I reckon a whole bunch of office dwellers, military pesonnel, IT admin, doctors, civil servants and even politicians who would have never listened to house, progressive, deep, techno, breakbeat, bigbeat, trance, drum'n'bass, electro  or any kind of none mainstream electronic based music for that matter found themselves actually listening to it, possibly even liking some of it and even recommending it in general internet like conversation within a slighty if not very different role to their real life situations ralating to duty and work despite not necessarily hitting the clubs and reaching for the light amidst the strobes luved-dup on E chasig that seemingly magical euphoric rushes. Then eventually you actually had many of the student scenster from the colleges and univserties graduating and moving into the same kinds of professions.

I guess it depends who's voting for you, but generaly any kind of genuine support should be appreciated. But if people like Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Digweed, Felix the house cat, Pan-Pot, Richi Hawtin, and many-many others of the VERY-VERY OBVIOUSLY credible usual suspects didn't actually rank in the poll or even in the event that they make it in, I don't think they would have anything to be worried about in the least bit. Not even in the slightest. 

I guess it all boils down to whether you still have cedibility amongst the tastemakers, scenes makers, peers within the industry and scensters of the scene, not whether you've necessarily had huge commercial success or not if you're actually able to do what you enjoy. But then who do you trust for that opinion beyond these polls within the much more diverse and instant Facebook and twitter age?

At the same time for this particular kind of award and the DJ styles its supposed to cover, if a DJ still enjoys what they do and can still do what they enjoy to appreciative crowds without having to play something they detest or would never will-fully include in a set out of choice what exactly is the problem here? People will still have their strong opinions  about music regardless but the most credible DJ's and producers will still firmly have their place in the scene amongst all those "in the know" regardess of any awards or not. Although I guess its always nice to win something. You can only hope that its deserved and only you truly know if it is deserved as the recipient of it. Its difficult to say that polls should not be about popularity. Because popularity whether its of the none mainstream or mainstream kind is a large part of what allows a DJ to do what they actually do with actual moving bodies/people turning out to enjoy what a DJ does within this particular context of DJ styles that it covers.

Click here to see what the figures say over at rankingz.