I've read this too many times in Windows commenting beat downs at the end of various articles, or at least something to the same effect.  There are a number of things (in fact many) that Apple decided to do that weren't necessarily dictated by the wants of the masses or its customers say for that matter, if it was they would have produced something that was very much like a product that tries to incorporate everybody's needs and wants in a very modular way with multiple ways of doing the same things on the same device. Potentially the very same thing that many Apple fans accuse Microsoft of doing and products that are designed for the Microsoft OS of being. Apple devices aren't like this and they very much so tell their customers how they will use them based on their own research and ideas about how such devices should be used. This is even expressed within the actual inferences of the carefully considered suggestive and leading design. Don't make shit up just to try and win an argument especially when its blatantly just not true. Then when they attempt to unify and simplify they get crap for doing exactly what Apple do in order to progress their products in a better way. I do actually dig on Apple designed products very much by the way.