Pop science, the bane of serious science buff's and researchers for cherry picking the details of what would otherwise be heavy reading and a series of dry paper reports often placing the more mind-blowing elements of certain findings out of context to wow and baffle the less hardcore of us not actually involved with the long drawn out and the laborious task of actual testing and research having acquired all the titles and letters denoting PHD and doctorate status after a name. But even as I was cynically reading the small and seemingly insignificant tid-bits of info amidst all the other seemingly ground breaking bits of research to have seemingly yielded speakable results closer to practical application this very much so seemed to be the foremost to my mind that trumped them all.  But even within the cynical take whilst not having visited the New Scientist website in some time this was definitely more food for thought to keep my mind ticking over more so then I would have generally liked. More pointedly it opened far too many "cans of worms" to cross many disciplines of ethics and scientific fields as well as the more trivial and often superficial purposes in how it could be applied. Had they really finally cracked sciences partially stated proven version of what might be considered to be the secret to the "fountain of youth" beyond any kind of superstitious belief at the physical cellular level despite the seemingly insignificant but at the same time significant "baby step" like claims to have only reportedly been observed in lab mice only thus far? Had they really got to the point where they could actually ecourage and cultivate stem cell growth from adult cells? Was this thing for real? If it was such is Murphy's law that it would most likely have extended beyond involuntary test subject lab mice in cages in some capacity and this would be a mere tease as to the undisclosed potential of such findings that most probably reached a greater level of maturity in some other undisclosed way.

The topic of stem cell research has always been a controversial hot potato but in no way had any such claim in the open public arena been officially made (as far as I was aware) that the production of stem cells had actually been reproduced in  worn down adult cells with degraded/damaged and aging dna coding. But ultimately if genuine this would turn the whole world upside down. Old age, physical disability, (maybe even mental disability) and genetic disease in general could potentially be totally eradicated. But then would human nature be strong enough to know when to let go if were able to surpass such physical limitations? Would it even be ethical to use if it was proven that we could actually harness it for our own selfish or possibly maybe seemingly unselfish use on humans? But even  the seemingly unselfish is to some degree selfish whilst trying to preserve our own emotional stability even if it is founded on some notion of love and sentimentality for another. This facet of it kind of being related to how our medical advances has helped to preserve and retain many of our loved ones beyond any notion of the rigors of natural selections demands as identified by Darwin's theory of evolution. i.e. in the natural order of things such weaker genetic lineages would have naturally just died out for unnatural science and sentimentality to save the day and preserved them.

Just as a refresher for those that aren't aware, stem cells are in fact brand new cells that are more commonly naturally found in fetuses (new babies within the womb at the point of conception). They have the potential to become any kind of cell within the human body and are in most cases undamaged by the kinds cell degradation caused by free radical damage resulting from natural and premature aging. 

But with the bigger extended ethical issues aside maybe the potential of this on the surface would in fact just be too much too soon within in wider reach of general accessibility or at least for those that can afford it? I think as a general thing we certainly wouldn't know when to call time on ourselves in such numbers and we certainly wouldn't have the luxury  to discover that for ourselves when dealing with time frames of almost infinity in any mass numbers. Maybe our universe has evolved in such a way to encourage progression through recombination and change within the evolved time frames that we've been allotted in order to discover what can truly survive within any framed context of society and culture against our physical reality.


But then the so called "devil" in me is screaming out that it should be something that should still be explored in more depth for the sake of posterity whilst keeping it out of the reach of those with the financial means within public arena to use it for superficial purposes. We can't stay ignorant to how the universe works if we're survive beyond our own planets life cycle as a human race.