Ok, I guess its not racist for a Cambodian to be knocking another Cambodian for having a darker complexion since they're obviously of the same race. However within the Cambodian culture there is a general preference for lighter complexions as far as the perceptions of beauty is concerned amongst Cambodian people, which could lead to prejudices much in the way that ginger people might be subject to amongst caucasians. But I can see how this might extend to race in any external capacity if it went unchecked. But generally Cambodians desire for lighter complexions it isn't really a racially driven thing as some people might interpret it as. 

What's even stranger is when people try to apply this to which colour device of I'sm that people might opt for. But the way I see it cost exactly the same to produce the exact same device whether its on white or black on top of the obvious fact that they do exactly the same thing.

I think Apples initial niche in getting a foothold in the portable music player market was when they applied the brilliant white colour scheme to their original portable music player in combination with their very distinctive minimalistic design at the time. Since  the vast majority of other kinds of pocketable portable digital music player of with same kinds of storage capacity (some even with much less) were much bulkier and either came in functional black as the norm or something very similar. 

But then if you really think about it the only true thing that sets their "i" devices apart is the distinctive minimal clean design and logo on it since brilliant white for their none portable computers isn't too far of the colours that are associated with the boring stereo typical bulky white, cream, and beige desktop PC that dominated the much of the 80's and 90's. Its not like Apple produced black iMacs just to be different. 

However back to Apples ground break music player of podism, I guess the niche of brilliant white music musical hard drive based portability just got a bit boring and prospects of a black iPod was definitely something different after several generations of the same comprehensively light frequency bouncing shade. 

But lets face it, a black portable iPod device just looks a damn sight cooler and there's no way that Apple will be able to revive the prestige of an all white iPod device no matter how hard they try by making supplies of it rare. Even down to how the screen seems to light up and appear from behind an all black smooth shiny slab kind of has a "Wah! How is this magic possible?! I want one of those!" appeal to it.

But anyway Einstein… Ultimately  it's all just transient energy constantly changing states over the billions upon billions of years the universe has been  existing to appear for the main part static to our view of it. So whether your outer epidermal layer is of a light or dark complexion we're all pretty much made up of the exact same thing that is matter and energy.