It was a strange way to be getting the news, but at the time I was on Skype to my wife in Cambodia when the initial details of the bridge tragedy began to occur and in hindsight I was kind of glad that I'd waited for the full unravelling of the aftermath to complete its own gory picture and finalise itself. The celebrations were supposed to mark the end of the rainy season in Cambodia with something called the water festival. Initially there was talk of the entire bridge that connects Diamond island to the mainland having collapsed (which kind of made me a little suspicious) for hundreds of people to have died, but as it later immerged the bridge was in fact still fully in tact as the details unravelled. However the high death toll still stood with a claimed count of around 375 (up from 350) give or take a body or two with 700 hundred injured.

Nearly ten hours later from the initial 12am (5pm GMT) announcement it looked like news of the disaster had finally hashed itself out and taken a global spread to all the more restrained region of the world with greater depth of detail. I say restrained because news outlets within Cambodia whether in print or on celluloid have very little issue with showing snapped, broken, smashed  and contorted lifeless bodies with missing or severed limbs. Many a time had I seen stories run in print where they'd even gone so far as to include the eerie gorping expressions on dead bodies where circumstantial fate had chosen to leave them at the scene whether accident or murder which only added to the visceral impact of what they were trying to maybe unnecessarily get across, it certainly makes it feel much more real. Yep, I'd say our news is pretty tepid in that respects by all comparison but maybe rightly so. It was claimed that the deaths were caused by a stampeding crush which was apparently sparked by panic of people being electrocuted, but even those who were apparently lucky enough to escape the crush by making it into the water still died by electrocution. Ok so the entire bridge not actually collapsing made it a little more plausible but it still seemed a little double whammy just for good measure like with the electrocution thing. Over 48 hours later the wife finally dozed off and Cambodia was known again for yet another tragedy. In light of any actual reality its just not right so many people had to die.