Choice is always good, I like choice, we all like choice. But have you ever asked a kid to pick just a few sweets in a sweet shop when they pretty much like every-single-thing in there? It takes a while. Not to mention if there are too many people who do the same thing how do you decide which one offers the highest quality and best in deciding which one to choose? How about when segments and markets become over saturated for the customer base to be spread very thinly prompting low returns when there are other types of segments and markets that need the investment and resources to meet demand and raise the levels of quality? What is the quickest way to reshuffle it all and strip away the non stayers to hopefully leave a core of solid quality whilst the rest reshuffles into other things?

I think if you don't advocate anti piracy and with any  occurrence of uncontrolled rampant piracy it'll eventually get to a point where the only people who might be able to make money will be the people able to produce unique none digital products that people will always want and need since they aren't as easily instantly replicatable. For example cars and bikes I guess could fall under such a category since they have a relatively high mark up and people generally don't counterfeit them. Musical artists who have made their millions can pretty much distribute their work for free if they like since its hardly going to affect their career in any way or stop them doing what they love so to speak.

This would also mean that the only people who will be able to make money are the people who make the hardware to consume the digital content on, even being more so the case if they charge a premium for their product. Meaning the average person no longer stands a chance and anybody wanting to market their work if its any good will once again have to go through big companies in order to get protection for their digital product. Unless that is you'd be willing to use it purely as a self promoting platform to enable you to do other things. For example gigging seems to be the main earner for musicians and DJ's. But still it pretty much kind of moves away from the notion of power to the people as it were.

I think people in general can't be arsed being that discriminatory about what they pirate so as to maintain some notion of unquantifiable fairness in order to preserve some of the things that they enjoy to come from less well off producers of digital content. But that's what the internet partly enable us to do I guess, the ability for almost instant gratification without a second thought of how and what it took to get it there.