We know that time is affected by gravity since Einstein's widely accepted proposed constant of the speed of light (which apparently is the speed barrier that needs to be surpassed in order to escape times influence) can also be made to alter its course via the gravitational field of a large enough body of mass. There's also the obvious example of how light appears to be inescapably drawn in by the "gravitational force of a black hole". Which could possibly also mean that gravity itself could be an influencing factor on time to make a particular instance in time still bonded to a particular place/ point in space even if it has shifted? 

Side note:

  Is the energy from a collapsed star going supernova enough to punch a hole in the fabric of time and space to then appear to us as a black hole? Since the blast would be in all directions to make it all most static defying the gravitational forces acting in that particular locale of space for time and space (even possibly universal expansion itself) to move around it as well maybe enter it. At which point it would create a worm hole to an earlier point within the universes expansion or even to several different points within the universe millions of light years apart depending where you got off. (Memories of the spiral-graph toy all come flooding back)


At the same time this would leave the sci-fi notion of using a total anti-gravitational state to instantly traverse time (allowing the universe to move around us instead) with a few flaws since this would pretty much land you somewhere lost. What would then occupy that space? Would it create a mini black hole? If you ascribe to the notion that time, existence and reality originated from the big bang would it not be reasonable to postulate that the future has still yet to come from the source of it? Meaning that if you could defy all the forces involved with universal expansion would you not arrive somewhere in the future as the universe moves around you faster then the speed of light itself?

Ultimately if you could defy/counter act or even elude all forces including universal expansion, entropy and gravity etc, etc you would in effect be moving way faster then the speed of light just by standing perfectly still. Since light can only move within the space of the expanding universe that originated from the big bang which again as I said before is supposedly the source of all time, space, matter and existence/reality. Meaning the future has still yet to come from the source rather then what is happening on the tidal wave of expansion that we're riding outward away from?

To be continued... spin and the equal distribution of acting forces helping to maintain a finely tuned balance within the universe from the sub atomic to the macro?