Whilst sitting having a beer the other night at a bar, the general topic of conversation seemed to constantly be skirting around the topic of sexuality. It was obvious where it was headed as my attention was pointed toward the other side of the street where there were a number of Ladyboys knocking about. At this point my mind was cast back to a comment I read in response to some article that was apparently found to be offensive over questions of why transgender and homosexuals are the way they are. I didn't really get chance to see what it was that could have been so offensive since the comments were made over a closed premium document from a reputable scientific journal that required a subscription to access. My initial thought was how does a blind person with only the people around them to provide assistance and input decide they are gay or want to be transgender? Are there actually any blind gay or transgender people?

Here's a thought although the chances are it will never happen due to the scale of any potential sample group it would require and the time scale needed in order to actually glean any useable results and data within a very controlled situation.

I'm of the belief that there will be certain individuals who will be more genetically inclined to become homosexual regardless of what kinds of social situations they are born into whether conservative or liberal and everything else in between. However I reckon that's going to be a relatively small number. For the rest I'm inclined to believe that social factors and unique life experiences will count toward shaping certain tendencies against a very cerebral and vastly more complex human condition over the background of the modern world in relation to our more primitive origins. Just like how we do certain things for pleasure but could quite easily survive without them. Needless to say that many would also have difficulty getting off these things. Eg, watching television, smoking, drinking alcohol, reading books, watching movies, listening to music, making music, eating sweets, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, eating fried foods, eating processed snacks, playing sports with specialist equipment, eating fast foods on a regular basis, playing video games, using the internet, riding their bike... I could go on. Obviously all those things just mentioned in no particular order comprise of things that are bad for your health, or things that are potentially bad for your health beyond any measure of moderation with the rest of the stuff to obviously have no adverse effects on health at all. Where would homosexuality rank between consenting adults where deceit within personal relationships over the issue isn't an actual factor?

Why not have a first generation lesbian surrogate mother artificially inseminated by a first generation gay man. What I mean by "first generation" is where there had been no previous generational history of overt homosexuality within a family. However that's not to say it might not have been a closet thing which would screw things up a little, but lets just assume it was the first time its occurred within their families.

Then have the born child adopted by a conservative straight couple. Up until the age of 18 the child is not exposed to any form of gay culture or anything that would actively encourage it to be gay subconsciously or consciously. Also any sexually linked experimental tendencies that are also caught are also stemmed to encourage "straight" behavior as it were.

Then at the age of 18 the child is then exposed to notions of homosexuality and is exposed to gay culture whilst allowing the now young adult to make decisions about their sexuality from there on out. If the child develops strong homosexual tendencies immediately to genuinely lose interest in heterosexual relationships completely then you can say it was most likely definitely a genetic thing bar extreme bad experiences where abuse may have been involved.

That is they genuinely don't really like intimate heterosexual relationships, which also includes those that genuinely don't like it but just go through the motions of it just for the sake of looking "normal" as it were or to acquire something in the business sense.

If however it remains something merely of a curiosity with no serious psychological issues to arise from it whilst for the most part still having straight tendencies then its definitely a socially acquired thing for it merely to be a question of choice.

But also keep in mind how tetchy or irritated some people get when deprived of all the afore mentioned things that have nothing to do with sexuality whatsoever.

I'd also reckon that there is a heavy visual component to it. I guess the only way to tell is to figure out how frequently homosexuality and transgender tendencies arises in blind people which I'd be willing to bet with be very little to none at all. At the same time it'll be difficult to tell with the relatively small sample group.

I think humans have mentally become very complex creatures. I think anybody could potentially become homosexual given the right circumstances and social situation. But like I said ealier I personally I reckon there is a strong visual component to it that may significantly contribute to such tendancies. But since I don't have any evidence or any actual long term data on it I can only make a hypothesis.

Besides there had to be vision before words whether written or spoken. Whatever we did with it after that is something else.