Why do things have to be much more complicated then they need to be? Take relationships for example, life was much simpler when I was single.
In Cambodia they very much so believe in Buddhism. But the problem is life isn't always as magical or as karmic as some people would like it to be. So they've pretty much tried to implement a system where by the lesser informed would think it was. Just as how the legal system is far from perfect at exacting perceived fair justice all of the time you can imagine what this is like when it one persons word against another's. At the same time there are others who have gradually learned to use these channels for their own purposes. In such instances other people outside of your immediate situation or relationship then become involved and are also made aware of your so called "private" affairs or matters. At which point they'll speak aloud and impart their opinions or the opinions of those who could directly speak to you but choose not to or maybe feel that this kind of outside influence would be enough to prompt you to action over whatever the issue might be. I guess its all good if it works out and there isn't too much friction to come from it.
Its strange, for a society that values their privacy whilst being all caught up and hung up on the idea of shame and saving face such methods would only undermine any such notions within the context of a private relationship. If only such openness on a sincere and civil level was forth coming within the private relationship between the actual people involved instead.
I remember before I actually got married. I remember how this was kind of being used to try to get me to marry. Sure ultimately I did end up getting married but for very different reasons. There were comments flying around which roughly translated as "with a face like that there isn't anyone else who'll want to take you" as if my whole world and choices were purely limited to Cambodia to begin with during my visit whilst fully knowing to the contrary even before arriving. Needless to say that you'd also have to be working under the assumption that I wanted to get married in the first place which was very much so far from the case. Its also not saying much for others opinions of my now current wife which has got to be somewhat insulting to her to say the least.
Just from observation alone I've actually seen how certain individuals more then willingly dish out derogatory and insulting comments at a bat of an eyelid either of their own volition or instantly at the silent command of other people without a second thought, (whether that be regarding negative opinion over weight, race, sexuality or general appearance) but when you say something in a round about and nice way (maybe just short of merely hinting) over their weight for example they get extremely offended or uptight to then want to exact some kind of revenge despite having previously seen them insultingly rip into other people for the same thing. However if some stranger were to make a scathing and insulting comment about whatever the issue was they would then act upon it with no questions asked. Where is the logic behind that?
As mentioned before this would pretty much involve a wider group of people rather then just the people involved in the actual relationship.
Sure I'd genuinely understand if this sort of thing was being done because there was some sort of domestic violence or physical and/or mental abuse going on within relationships. But even when that's not even the case at all in the slightest it still happens. So much for privacy and saving face. At the same time they wonder why "damaging" idle gossip and not the harmless kind is such a problem here.
Its not surprising any trusted notion of doctor patient confidentiality wouldn't even get off the ground here in any true way which also makes it even more difficult for doctors to correctly diagnose problems since patients will obviously be less willing to speak about everything they get up to in order to correctly diagnose the problem in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, since it might sound like I'm trying to disrespect the culture which is far from the case. But when you're asked to deal with certain practices that you're just not too accustomed too it does make you wonder why certain things are done when you know they have other things that they value just as much or even more so. It just seems like the simplest of things are sometimes overlooked without any contextual contrasts to highlight it.