I don't really follow the football, but it was interesting how a discussion on the Wright stuff brought to light how most people were just resigned to just accepting that racism was just part of football even if they weren't actually racist. Apparently its common place for racist comments to be used either by the crowds that turn out and the footballers themselves. Even the suggestion of halting matches entirely because of racism (whether the racism be from the fans or the players) wasn't something that people wanted to do for fear of seriously upsetting and annoying the crowds of fans who had turned out to watch the matches. You'd have a serious riot on your hands. But then again it might actually give reason for people to actually be pissed off at those causing the matches to be halted if nothing else were to go wrong to actually detract from it? Eventually they'll figure out to tone it down or risk screwing it up for everyone else to also get grief of everyone else too.

It seems that despite governing bodies within football appearing to more recently clamp down by dishing out bans  and suspending various premier league players from the game for racism in order to make an example of them, the situation still persists. Its odd that players of colour have also kind of just resigned to accepting the racism as part of the job. But then I would question why? It's not what they're paid to do (i.e. take racist abuse from fans and other players), and its certainly not part of the job of their none coloured counterparts who are not subject to the same racisms but yet they are paid to do exactly the same thing. By that very same logic we should be able to scathingly mock every single football player for anything we like and just expect them to accept it. You can pretty much interchange race with many other things that could be used in a discriminatory and abusive way such as someone's sexuality for example, regardless of whether they are actually gay or not. 

A guest on the Wright stuff took the words right out of my mouth (or at least what I was thinking at the time right in my head), but if you were in a situation where you had so called fans that were constantly hurling racial, slanderous/derogatory and discriminatory abuse at you all the time, I'd personally rather they not be my fans.

I kind of understand the self justification that some footballers seem to make by saying that they love the grief they get, as they're getting paid a relatively large amount of money for thousands of people to turn out and give them racial or discriminatory abuse over their actual or alleged sexuality just for the sake of keeping sane and being able to do their job. But I don't see that as a valid reason to do it or even a valid reason to justify it in the slightest, as many other players are not subject to any kind of verbal or mental abuse at all for doing exactly the same job.

Imagine this, try doing the same thing to a police officer in the UK or US as they're going about their day doing their jobs. The difference is the police officer has the power to actually arrest you for it.

I don't think a 6 month ban without pay would be unreasonable for any professional football player found guilty of racial abuse or discriminatory behavior/language towards other players. You'd be stopping them from doing what they love to do and you'd be taking away a substantial amount of money from them. But then what are the chances of that happening for the best players in the various leagues who help draw the crowds in the first place and keep the team in a better position to succeed or win?