Time, we exist in time. Past events we've experienced and a future still to come. As a result our thoughts and memories are constructed from occurrences in time, events that are subject to our ongoing experiences and perceptions of them that make up our consciousness. But it wasn't until I really had to use spoken Khmer properly did I realise how much more precise and direct the English language was for quickly denoting, referencing/navigating memories and events in time as well as quantity through its grammatical structure of using tenses and plurals. How do you verbally sync and navigate your consciousness internally and externally?


Just a few of the pieces with plenty still missing from the story, but so it went on and still goes on to this day. You know that we can fire photons (at near the speed of light) through solid objects like mountains right? Communications devices that could potentially send and receive a signal at near light speed unhindered by any sort of physical objects anyone?