If you're lucky they'll set fire to your dead body in one of these at your funeral
I was casting my mind back to the couple of days leading up my trip back to the UK, mainly for reasons of the contrast of general vibe aside from the madness that was driving my up the wall caused by the incessant indirect one way interactions from complete strangers that felt they had some right to say/shout whatever they pleased to/at me as if they had somehow been previously acquainted where ever I went whilst staying in Cambodia. It was even worse when seeming complete randoms would break into conversations in Khmer amongst themselves around me (and not with me) about something I'd put in a personal journal entry on my computer that I hadn't published for them to have also maybe completely miss-interpreted certain English expressions and phrases I'd used to totally get the wrong end of the stick or take things literally, which would happen quite frequently.  But besides that amongst many other things the general vibe was very bohemic in the general heat of the day to day drift in between coming up with stuff for my blog and putting together mixes.

As ever the sun was beaming down, and whilst I was sat outside a clinic with my wife waiting to get a couple of injections having recently been bitten by a dog, a one truck float/parade rolled by making a bunch of noise over a piercingly loud but garbled tannoy system.  I didn't really give much thought to it at the time until I was told there was a dead body on it and it was for the sake of that dead person on it that they were doing it. Apparently it was something they did for people who had died that didn't have anybody to turn up for their funeral, the reason given being that they had been such a terrible person whilst they were alive that no one wanted to go to their funeral. AWl-rIghTY-thEn. Hardly any reason for jubilation and at the same time I found it a little difficult to believe. But then it got me thinking were they such terrible people amidst all that goes unsaid and is done out of fear, general politeness or none genuine respect for the sake of maintaining diplomatic  ties and appeasement by many others who might have a whole bunch of big wigs turn out for their funeral despite not genuinely being liked? 

For example there are number of notorious and well "respected" families and figures within Cambodian society (that I personally don't know of myself in terms of being able to put names to faces, or even know who is who for that matter) who have most likely done far more terrible things and are most likely less liked. But for the sake of keeping face, "respect" and showing appeasement within their balance of power there they might have many people turn out to a funeral of someone that wasn't particularly liked, almost like a mob thing but obviously its not always mob related. Meaning without such status they'd pretty much be on a par with the unfortunate dead person who rolled by the clinic that morning in terms of funeral turnout.

At the other extreme there have been many high profile celebrities to have "seemingly" died in faking their deaths over the decades for millions upon millions of people to pour over, shed tears and mourn their deaths as if they'd lost a close relative despite maybe having not ever been acquainted to them or never having ever spoken to them personally, and they weren't even really dead!