Ok so evidence of its existence is so anecdotal that there apparently isn't any solid proof amongst the scientific community that it outright exists or that orgasm is even actually achievable for many women via a so called G-spot.  However as a rough guideline (if it does exist) you're going to need a towel  (the kind for drying off with after a shower) handy if you're in the bedroom or otherwise save it for the bathroom as its going to get quite wet if indeed the missus is capable of achieving an orgasm via the elusive G-spot. The sensation is supposed to be very close to the feeling of needing to urinate, however the crucial difference according to claims is that there is a more intense orgasm that's achieved at the point of fluid release.

Location wise its apparently anything between 2.5cm to 7.5cm up the front wall of the vagina and is approximately 1 cm deep! Meaning it would require a fair amount of pressure in order to stimulate any potential G-spot that may be there. Guys, you probably won't be able to angle your todger in such a way that it would in fact create enough pressure to stimulate the G-spot area in order to create the sensations. Meaning you might want Pams digit pals on hand to lend you a hand on this one.

According to diagrams you'd essentially also be pressing on the bladder too in applying any significant amount of pressure on the supposed G-spot area. At the same time it definitely sounds like there is a heavy psychological component to it from what little solid evidence I could dig up so far about orgasm that is achieved from stimulating the supposed G-spot.

If however all that is a little too much wetness for you liking you could always stick to the usually sure to work regular front end clitoral stimulation via her preferential stokes and method for bringing the slightly less wet 'n' wild dripping fish tunnel on.

The bottom line is there's a general consensus that trying to achieve orgasm via a "G-spot" should not become the be all and end all of what sex is about possibly due to its documented rareness and its inexact individually relative means of achieving it. But I guess there's no harm in checking though.

I would have thought some of these things would have been blindingly obvious before even considering trying any of this out but judging by certain types of feedback and a seeming general lack of common sense it clearly isn't. So before you inadvertently rip up her insides...
Its very delicate in there especially if its something that's never actually been done before, so its obvious that you still need to be gentle if you intend on doing this. Some sort of purpose made lubrication made by various well known manufacturers of condoms for example will obviously be required for comfort and rough hands are not going to make it any more pleasurable to say the least. Obviously hygiene and cleanliness is an absolute must and hard sharp objects are a definite no-no, as in a no go. So trim those fingernails and smooth 'em down. Finally if she's doesn't want to do it then she obviously doesn't want to do it.

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A cap from the movie "Cruel Intentions"