The discontinued 17 inch Macbook pro

I was reading how someone was trying to justify the removal of the Metro UI from Windows 8 for the sake of squeezing every last drop of performance out of the machine whilst claiming that it was a waste of memory resources. Personally I would have whole heartedly agreed if it had actually been that much of a  noticeable hinderance to system performance whilst trying to prime any OS for optimal system performance through getting rid of anything that caused noticeable problems at the system level for said purpose. But you know something? Even with a load of stuff installed to the machine that might have in fact noticeably made Windows 7 run a little slower or degraded system performance for intended purpose, Windows 8 was in fact a whole different ball game from actual testing. It stayed consistently fast whether for generic use or specialised DAW use as a host install.

I'm low class? Open your f*cking eyes for f*ck sake! This is how you perceive yourself...(...this is how I see it, and I reckon we're definitely not on the same wavelength at all...)

 I'm not sure why I've suddenly developed this very strong loathing and personal vendetta against Windows 7, even I think its kind of messed up to be so unreservedly and seethingly pissed off in mind over the matter. As a generic use system OS it is in fact near perfect after what users were subjected to by Vista which generally seriously screwed up perceptions of Windows beyond repair. That was on top of the bad press and hammering they were already getting as Apple were in the full throws of working their very effective commercial and word of mouth marketing strategy using desirably aspirational imagary, clever psychology of the multi-touch "everyone is "i" social engineering kind that made everyone irrationally want to be an "i" device or think they were one, which made phrases like:

- (X) is very artistic...
- (X) is very creative...
- (X) is very untuitive...
- (X) is very althetic...
- (X) is very beautiful...
- (X) is very authentic...
- (X) is very hard working...

...encourage people to promote Apple for them with a passion.

"X" is interchangable with any type of idevice that people under the "spell"  thought they were. In fact you could interchange any of the positive comments for any other type of positive comment that relates to any one particular individuals personal interests and circumstances. (or even groups of individuals that share the same interests).

Also because you are talking about devices that people have strongly  associated their personalities with, you only have to talk about the devices and refer to the devices and not the actual individuals to make many people feel good about themselves thus have stronger positive associations with the device(s)  or product.

Think about it, if you create a situation where an individual or many individuals strongly associate themselves with apparently being a particular device via all these more positive traits that they feel is a representation of them that is competing with other devices on the market, when someone attacks the products or brand the individuals under the "spell" will feel as if they are also personally being attacked and will endeavor to strongly defend it as if it were an attack on their own personal integrity, ability or character. This further ensures the success of the brand or product(s).

Even people who don't own an Apple device can be made to be under the influence of such marketing psychology/social engineering, they don't even need to own one, they just need to be made to think or feel that the device represents them and all the better highlighted aspects of their personality which in turn also then gets projected onto the product. At which point they will also become an agent of promoting the brand or products and be more likely to defend it when someone bad mouths it.

Of course it obviously also helped that the Apple devices were in fact actually very well designed to begin with and I do actually like the Apple Macbook pro and Air purely as computers with very eye pleasing designs.

This kind of marketing psychology works even more so in places like Cambodia and in many other parts of Asia and the Middle East where they're more strongly mentally hard wired to think like this just through the cultural norms. In fact the psychological mechanics of religion is a bit like this however for Apple products its been modified in a way where it has an even broader universal scope whether part of the wealthy elite or the more regular everyday crowd or even sections of the less wealthy.

...but back to my original point...this obviously compounded the serious beat-down that Windows was getting even more so.

... yeah, Windows 7 64-bit made my DAW run like a turd where as Windows 8 makes it run like nothing I've ever seen before, its just ridiculously fast and reliable as a DAW OS base ...  (maybe its just latent pent up annoyance with there having been a fix the whole time that they never put out whilst I was making myself look like an idiot trying to defend it)

Maybe it was the fact that there were people on the other side who knew exactly why it was happening as they were screwing your windows 7 system through this so called "security measure" which obviously wasn't securing it from them and all others that were capable of such access that were using for more malicious self serving ends. But under the protection of official positions and roles no could or was going to do a damn thing about the more unscrupulous intentions.

 But maybe its also the fact that after near 4 years of general seething and annoyance of trying to justify Windows 7 as a DAW OS and doing everything possible to try and get it to perform as such, Windows 8 preview suddenly just comes along and effortlessly fixes everything just by using it instead of 7. As in 8 gave me the kinds of raw low latency firewire streaming speeds that was in fact achievable with something like XP64's pure hardware performance, but with additional consistent rock steady performance of 8 beyond the XP that was just impossible with 7 for such purposes on my particular DAW regardless of how much faster and lighter it was over Vista. In fact the same kinds of pure speeds were even achievable in XP32 which I never really considered using because of the 3GB memory cap, but again I must highlight that Windows 8 is vastly more stable and consistently faster in testing thus far.

Surely this kind of raw speed and rock solid performance via mirror-less security should have been included with Windows 7 by default given time frames in which the underlying build (as in the workings beyond the new visuals interface) of 8 had actually been around. In my opinion this so called "mirrored security" measure baked into 7 that was supposed to make 7 more secure only potentially made it vastly less secure and open to abuse whilst evidently making it much slower by default. This was also reflected in the alteration numerous files I had stored on a certain host Windows 7 machine without my actually altering them. The host Windows 7 instance concerned was never actually connected to any sort of standard network or internet connection. There were also a number of other instances where files would disappear from back up storage devices to then later re-appear again later which also seemed to generate a bit of amusement from the street upon its disappearance and at the point of their eventual re-appearance. Power in the wrong hands maybe?

The current inner workings of 8 should have been quietly implemented into Windows 7 way back in 2007 if not at the actual release date of 7 itself? Even if the intentions of those viewing were not so underhand it was still left Windows 7 in a kind of broken state at the user end as far as hardware performance was concerned for specialised hardware reliant applications compared to how it should have actually been within the means that they already had then even at 7's release. The only reason I say this is we have the proven performance of XP32 and XP64 on the same types of hardware to compare it to.  At which point they could have then just put all the UI changes down for 8 and possibly have figured out other ways to make windows even faster.