4.30 am with some random urge to go down and feed the dogs some left over's from dinner. But what turned out to be a well intentioned gesture turned to a weird session of latent seething discontentment towards them teetering on the edge of restraint. The path next to the house reeked of dog urine and feces despite looking brilliantly clean under the florescent energy saving light bulb, but no doubt a UV sweep of some kind would show the place covered in e-coli bacteria.  Although still tiny they'd both outgrown their more endearing proportions and as I got nearer the adolescent pair they both absolutely reeked of dog sweat despite having given one of them a wash earlier that day. Maybe I'd reached that phase that many kids go through, that point where the dog finally grows up beyond its puppy like dinky toy like proportions at which point many dogs apparently just get abandoned. Of course the only difference here being was that I never asked for them to begin with.

It's not a bug but…

I don't view them as people or representative of people (as in human beings) in any way. Although I do spend a fair portion of time arguing with shouting people who believe that they're the dogs whenever I talk to the dogs aloud like a senile old person. Of course I'm literally talking/bitching  at the dogs and not at other people when the dogs literally shit or piss in places they're not supposed to at the most random times or if they absolutely reek for no apparent reason after just giving them a wash earlier. But then again I'm in a place where its common practice amidst certain sections of the population to eat domesticated animals just like they were any other kind of livestock that we might rear for food i.e. cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc. The same would apply to domesticated cats too. 

Maybe I'm losing the plot  

I tested the dogs with the left over's, every time they were just in reach I'd do something to scare them away. They're not people, they're just stupid dogs. But as that thought ticked over they were becoming dangerously close to the kinds of pegging I'd put bugs under. Yeah those things that most people would squish without a second thought. If anything someone with a pallet for cooked canine meat out here could just have the remains. I always wondered if I had an evil side and it seems that these dogs seem to tease it out from the depths of my more seeming do gooder leanings. In fact even the cat has been subject to some light teasing/abuse these past few days, but then again that was for more latent issues relating to the sister's code here and the purpose the damn cats serve in discretely facilitating it beyond spoken transparent "fish" conventions when it comes to sex and relationships. 


It was only through some light teasing did it become apparent how obedient Ron actually was. I actually gave Judy the best of the left over's first whilst teasing Ron with some of them too. However every time Ron went for them I'd do something to scare him off. Eventually he just gave up and wouldn't even attempt to eat them even if I left them on the floor and walked away. He didn't even go for Judy's share after stopping him from doing that a couple of times. Strangely though it was only until I held the left over's for Ron to eat whilst offering it to him did he eat. But every time I dropped it to the ground for him to eat on his own he'd just stop. But yet he still can't stop himself from crapping and pissing everywhere. Weird dog.

I used to be dead set against Ron getting his wiener lopped off believing it to be very cruel that someone should turn him into an ugly post op canine tranny against his will or consent. But at this point I was thinking would it fix his constant urinary leakage that I have the miss fortune of constantly stepping in the trails of all over the yard? 

It’s a good job I'm not a hardcore Buddhist. Since I could either believe if I beat seven shades out of the pair I'd be likely to get it back in some form or other in some other lifetime. Or I could perceive it as an opportunity to rid myself of the urge to beat seven shades out of them so I don't have to come back as a human again just to fulfill the unquenched need to do so. Or if I did submit to my urges it could be that I'm taking it out on someone who did it to some one else or other dogs in their former life. It might even be some one who did it to me in a former life. It's just too broad. Either way I could either remain restrained or kill them. If I killed them they could just quite easily be stewed and served up as a culinary dish for some one with a taste for dog meat. Oh wait a minute,… or is the important thing here how I actually kill them and if I was cruel towards them before doing so by prolonging potential unwanted/undesired suffering for sadistic pleasure? 

It's only 7 shades as it works in the alliterative expression "to kick seven shades of shit out of someone or in this case something. 6 shades doesn't seem to quite have the same ring to it.