photography : Eksovichea Tito Hak
some people will obviously have a genetic pre-disposition for baldness. However for the rest I reckon there might be other reasons for it, take military personnel for example who probably get their heads shaved with hair clippers on a regular basis. I'm not quite sure how they do it now, but for the sake of speed when dealing with a massive queue the cut might actually be rushed for it to end being the case the a large amount of the hair is actually just being pulled out on a regular basis rather than being cut. the more blunt they become the more hair get pulled out instead of being cut. No doubt that doing this over years has an accumulating effect.  

I've pretty much been cutting my own hair for the past 13 years, just short of skinning it actually. The only reason I'm insisting on Nicky Clarke hair clippers is the fact that I was able to use a set reliably each and every time for skinnin' my head/cutting me barnet very short and very quickly. It gave a consistent cut all round every-time and stayed sharp to seldom need oiling. Even though it was the rechargeable version it still performed consistently and actually cut my hair properly every-time I used them. I'm going for a mains version this time round so I don't have to replace it like you would with the rechargeable version when the battery finally does pack in and no longer holds a charge.

Why am I avoiding Wahl clippers like the plague? Because every set I've used (including the current set in the house) they tend to get hot very quickly, they constantly need oiling, and it doesn't take long for them to become blunt from actual experience of using them. Till eventually something that should take under 10 minutes to do takes 40 to 50 minutes to leave a rough and uneven cut having had a 3rd of my hair pulled out instead of actually being cut. I refuse to use the Wahl clippers we have anymore given the fact that they pull so much hair out hair out instead of actually cutting it quickly and evenly, whilst having to go over the same parts over and over again which ends up pulling even more hair out if its not quite short enough yet. I could imagine that doing the same thing constantly over time would most probably increase my chances of becoming bald with them constantly yanking out my follicle growth instead of actually cutting it on what would normally be an average of a monthly basis. 

Nope, the decision for Nicky Clarke clippers hasn't been based on considerations of brand vanity in this case. It's purely based on what I was actually able to use reliably every single time despite the clippers belonging to someone else in the house. From actual testing? The current Wahl clippers are pants, the Nicky Clarke ones from years ago that are now missing worked perfectly for a couple of years without any issue before they disappeared.