Sometimes its obviously profitable to have conflict and to affiliate yourself with a particular side whilst riding the backwash of mass divisive manipulation. However I would have thought that the more people you can reach that would potentially enjoy what you do they better since not everybody will be into whatever it is that you have to offer. The colours red and blue obviously carry far more hard wired societal linked and charged meanings then they should.

I dunno who's running my operation beyond the gated sandbox that I post all this stuff to. But if given access to the resources and means to do it I reckon I could most likely direct my own projects. Here's the reason I chose the name DnA all those years ago. There wasn't anything else behind it.

Originally  derived from the scientific term Deoxyribonucleic Acid which is the biological instructional code that is contained in every single living thing on this planet. Sure there's H2O/water that helps sustain life, but without these constantly evolving genetic instruction sets there wouldn't be the diversity of life on this planet. This doesn't pertain to any sort of bias of political or religious agenda. Obviously nature can be cruel against the whole backdrop of the survival of the fittest thing, but generally the philosophy behind using the DnA thing was not about conflict. 

The diversity of life on this planet and throughout out the universe would still exist without our consciousness to perceive it. (since It would also be a little naive to assume that we were the only life to exist within such a vast and almost infinitely expanse universe)

Eventually it was just simply dropped down to an acronym for Diversely named Acid. Sure most people think of the more corrosive stuff. But if we want to play that game I could come up with more then enough examples under which Acid helps to sustain life itself or serve a crucial function in helping to keep our societies technologically mobile. For one its what gives you your unique appearance and identity as well as all the other things that you may have in common with a particular lineage.

There are many genetic strains of electronica and music in general, they can be worked in their particular specializations or appropriately melded together depending on audience and taste.


Misconceptions of breathable Air: its only 20.95% oxygen and after a double check its over 78% nitrogen.

Random thought: Others living off the things we can whilst being kept blinded. Without which there'd be nothing to live off.