Nuclear power. One word, Chernobyl. Imagine if there were many Chernobyl's. I think we'd be a little bit fucked to say the least or that would be the case in its most mildest terms. However since then the technology involved with the production of nuclear power has somewhat improved in its implementation, usage and containment. Some people may hate on me for saying that nuclear power is the only way forward until we can come up with a cleaner means of mass producing power at the same kinds of high yields (ideally higher) but it seems to be the only logical step with our increase in demand for electricity which is only set to rise. However I still somehow don't see cheap electricity being supplied to third world countries even if we could give it. Since we in the west would be too busy blowing our whistles and kicking up a fuss about it in having to pay vastly higher premiums for the same thing. There is no profit in clean and safe high yield energy production (or at least there would be less actual real reason to profit from it) on the scale of nuclear power even if it were actually possible. That's why it would never get off  the ground with the way things are even if we could do it.

Only problem then is figuring out where to dump the radio active toxic crap for its millennia spanning decay lifecycle after we've finished with it.

I'm not saying its linked. But generally nuclear fallout isn't something that stays local to any one disaster area  once it enters the atmosphere despite what some of us would like to believe. Although the reported rate of severe child birth deformities are relatively low given the almost exponential rate of population growth in general, it's still somewhat disturbing when I hear of severe anomalous child birth defects where there is no supposed history of physical or genetic health problems within the parents. That's provided the sources reporting the anomalous severe birth defects were reliable in the first place.

There's nothing more natural then birth defects caused by radio active contamination I suppose. (sarcasm there for all those who didn't catch that)