This line from an Oasis song from one of their earlier albums basically says a lot about how it is in the UK.

"Mr. sifter sold me song when I was just 16, now he always stops at lights but only when they're green".

Mr. Sifter in the UK seems to have become a derogatory name for mocking a pedophilic child abuser and in many cases those suspected of it. We demonize anything that resembles pedophilic behavior but in the UK we may have pushed it to the point where we're overly paranoid about it when there isn't actually anything going on of a pedophilic nature even for people that aren't that way inclined to sometimes get pinned for it, but in most cases they're generally on the money. We generally have very strict social constructs and laws that help to avoid this. For instance the age of consent for sex in the UK is 16 years of age since it the age that you're legally able to enter the world of work. Your officially an adult at the age of 18 at which point you can legally vote and consume alcohol. Its only recently that they've lowered the age for gay sex to 16 and even then it didn't even go down well at all with the social mocking it received within mainstream comedy suggesting that the only people that would be happy about it are middle aged and old gay men gagging for young gay boys. 

But this isn't necessarily the case in a number of other places.

If I ever went to a place where children under 12 were used to talk dirty like an old hooker that’s been around whilst adults relieved themselves to it I would think I was in a very strange place if not more then a little disgusted by it let alone the thought of grown adults soliciting physical relationships with minors under the age of 15. But then it makes you wonder what actually allows for it. Obviously adults talking dirty for other adults as far as I'm concerned is a completely different matter which I have little issue with at all provided all parties involved were consenting and actually enjoyed it. 

I was raised in a country where even the slightest hint of kiddy fiddling is greatly frowned up even to the point that children are made very aware of it and educated to the kinds of patterns of subtle behavior that might be leading to a potential "grooming" and the potential solicitation of some kind of pedophilic sexual encounter if not abuse from adults. Children are also always reminded that they have no obligation to any adult to fulfill any kind of act that is sexual in nature but then again its never usually as straight forward as that from what generally tends to be the unfolding events that lead up to it from all the cases that were exposed. More often it’s the case that the abused have become so used to it that they think its normal anyway and even cover up for the abuser. Generally I don't advocate any notion of pedophilic behavior and I don't understand why its needed given there are more then enough willing adults that could provide sexual gratification whether paid for or not. 

Now given that context I'm trying to figure out what these people think this allows them to believe they can impose on my privacy by constantly observing my computer usage patterns against my active will in the first place (which also includes the kind of porn I look at) to then complain about it as being disgusting to then also repeatedly say it without fail on the half hour every single fucking day? This is on top of the constant barrage of bullshit being shouted out everyday since arriving with now justification or explanation other then to just possibly annoy. surely if you're imposing on my privacy and imposing on my private virtual space to begin with what right do you have to complain about it as privacy infringing individuals?  I'm entitled to do as I please on my computer since I'm not breaking laws of decency (since its on my own computer) and there is no content of sexual abuse, underage sex or pedophilic material on my system against the context of a place that socializes their children to seek acceptance through their desirability.

Let's examine that a little further… "...context of a place that socializes their children to seek acceptance through their desirability"

Children already have a tendency to want to seek attention. There are many adults that are driven by this motive too even if it doesn't seem apparent on the surface, children even more so. This is even before any kind of social conventions/ways of doing things are imposed on them. Many will also respond greatly to attention and seeming kindness as many for whatever reason will more often then not feel neglected for many reasons whether that be through perceived turmoil within their family lives, amidst their peers, trouble from bullies etc… many-MANY different reasons. Now add the pressure of constantly being judged on their level of desirability /sweetness that people "want to eat". It's not difficult to see how children will then start to vie for attention and judge themselves on being able to please these people that want or don't want "to eat them" which they become very accustomed to as small children. This will psychologically cause the child to become even more seeking of attention and even more willing to do what ever is asked of them to feel they're desired and wanted. Its not hard to see how this could potentially set the young individual up (especially girls leading into their adult lives) to want to seek affirmation and confidence from others desire of them to an even greater extent. It's also easy to see how predatory pedophilic adults are able to get minors with the appropriate grooming with much less effort to do what they want even if its of an inappropriate sexual nature. The word "grooming" used in the context of pedophilic behavior is not the same as "grooming" in the conventional sense of looking after ones appearance. It refers to the process of pedophiles slowly befriending the potential victim and building a rapport of trust before instigating their pedophilic intentions. After which they are also able to socially engineer a relationship by which the victim will also cover up any pedophilic activity.    

But back to the kinds of things that make it easier for pedophiles to get their way with minors. We also know that for a fact that these types of cycles and patterns of behavior continue if its persistent where these children continue into adulthood to expect the same thing of their own children and other children that are appropriately socialized. If you consciously and knowingly create a vulnerability like this how can you be surprised when predatory pedophilic adults take full advantage of this and how do you expect to make any worth while efforts to fix and change this if there is a key component that allows for the easy solicitation of it much more easily is actually contained within something that isn't even considered to be a potential (and to my mind obvious) reason for it? 

There are plenty more glaring compounding unsaid and obvious reason for it and if you require them to be pointed out I do that too. But if the unprovoked shouting starts up again I'll know you want them.

This is common knowledge, why would you think international news outlets a few years back highlighted that Gary Glitter frequents Cambodia amidst many other parts of Asia where poverty and certain cultural norms allows for this kind of thing to persist? 

In light of this who has more reason to be disgusted?