I generally try not to get tangled in the whole extended cat vs. dog thing when talking about people despite others or they themselves trying to place themselves as one or the other since people are just that, people and not dogs or cats to my mind. But its only recently that I've had to kind of live with pets of both the feline and canine variety and certainly not through choice. I always used to think I was a dog person if it ever came down to owning some kind of pet for their almost innocent and unquestioning like loyalty if treated well but in hind sight nothing could  be further from the truth for other reasons of the amount of attention they actually require (my being a dog person that is). This is having started out with having a kitten around the house which I've seen grow from birth and is probably maybe about 4 to 5 months old now. But generally having watched it grow and semi nurtured it, it was certainly an eye opener as to how little hassle cats actually were to look after. For the most part during that time it just generally silently slinked around the house barely making a sound and I was surprised as to how clean they actually were. I used to have the perception that they'd piss and crap everywhere to ultimately cause the whole house to stink of cat piss and cat turds. But it generally just wasn't the case. Even its innate none learned habits when pottying was strangely mesmerizing (and sort of comical when I saw it for the first time due to the elaborateness of it) as it habitually sniffed out a spot in its tray that didn't stink  to then do its pottying business during which it would seem to be well into it by going into an unbreakable face forward-wide eyed trance until it actually finished. Snapping my fingers or waving my hands close in front of its face did nothing to distract it in the slightest. After which it would then meticulously proceed in covering what it just did with the sand and loose gravel whilst continually sniffing the general area. It would continue this for some time until it was satisfied that the odor and mess was sufficiently covered to its feline mind. It did this each and every single time without fail and it didn't even need to be trained. Provided we changed it pottying sand/dirt regularly there was no kind of detectable foul cat odors in the house at all. It never once randomly peed or crapped on some random spot on the floor. Even if it was stuck in a room an entire night it wouldn't mess anywhere until it got access to its tray again. All I can say is cats are extremely clean or at least this particular kitten/cat was. From time to time it would slink over for some attention and a petting but nothing overly annoying. It even seemed to know when you were busy to generally stay out of your way and above all she was extremely quiet. 

Then all of a sudden we were then landed with a puppy to which I initially thought "yeah I could handle this if she was anything like the kitten"(now semi grown cat). Even when seeing the tremor stricken dumpy  fuzzy fur ball waddle into the room on its extremely short limbs for the first time I kind of found it strangely endearing as it looked up at me with it huge glazed puppy dog eyes whilst just short of peeing itself from fear of being around strangers. Even its barking and general whimpering sounded  unreal, it sounded just like a squeaking child's toy more then a real dog. I'm not sure what breed it is but I don't think that this particular dog will get much larger to generally stay within bounds of a dwarven like scale. At this point the cat generally tried avoiding the dog and totally freaked out every so often whenever the dog went anywhere near it by growling and venomously hissing at it whilst trying to claw its face off, which is understandable I guess since it obviously doesn't know what the dog is and sees it as a threat. The canine fuzz ball obviously responded to this by getting a violent case of the shakes and putting its head down in appeasement until the cat went away. At this point I started to side with the dog a little since it wasn't actually doing anything to provoke the response other then just being there. Eventually it even got to the point where the cat got bold and would intentionally hunt out the dog down in the house to growl and hiss at it whilst trying to claw its face off. Generally I thought this was a little bit out of order to say the least. Then one day the dog unexpectedly let out a yelp and an unapologetic first ever bark for it to then immediately be seemingly unsure of itself again as it stumbled in an unsure footed waddled back and forth between apologetic appeasement and seemingly un-understood slight growls of rage despite having every right to be more then a little annoyed at the cat. It's no surprise that the cat then spent the entire time perched near the curtain rail hanging from some security bars covering a window for the next day or so. 

Its not the dogs fault but it makes sense why there are so many abandoned dogs after Christmas (with a whole bunch of kids having gotten puppies as a Christmas present to then no longer want them)

Eventually I figured out that I'm definitely not a dog person as far as owning animals were concerned. It doesn't even have a vicious untoward temperament that I could see or detect of any kind and at this point it wasn't even in the slightest bit noisy as many other dogs generally are, so why so objectionable towards it you might ask? Because after a few days the whole house stunk of dog feces and dog urine. It was even more apparent when you stepped out the house for a few hours and returned. Initially the dog seemed semi trained as it always seemed to hunt out anything that looked like a door mat to take a leek or a dump on for the first couple of days or so and my feeble attempts at trying to train it to use a dirt tray instead just wasn't working. I was generally quite annoyed when heading to the bathroom as I constantly found myself stepping in the dogs mess on the mat, this was regardless of where it was in the house. It would initially just do its mess on any mat it found. Eventually it just completely abandoned the use of mats altogether and just did its mess anywhere and everywhere in the house. I never really understood why people would be cruel towards animals believing I'd never even consider stooping so low  until I was lumbered with this puppy. The thought and temptation for extreme cruel acts towards it kept crossing my mind every time I stepped in its mess in random places on the floor of the house and not even its endearing cute innocent fur ball like qualities could save it from the general growing discontentment I had towards it despite fully knowing it didn't actually know what it was doing. It was nearing the final straw after it chewed on my headphones (the serviceable parts for which are generally a little difficult get out here) and after it ate my soundproof earplugs. It's enough that I have to excuse small children and general incompetency by others when it results in my stuff breaking or getting screwed up despite still seething underneath, but an animal that I didn't even request ownership of to begin with or want to acquire in the first place? I'm not sure its safe for the dog to stay here anymore in the overall picture of things. I literally do mean the dog and not any individuals or other group of people its supposed to represent.

WTF dog?!

It was definitely a face palm moment when she seemingly of her own volition sat on the pottying tray for the first time ever for a moment to then immediately proceed to climb off it and do her pottying business on the floor next to it.

It eats tissue paper for pleasure. What more can I say.