With rekordbox you don't even need to use autosysnc since you can sort all the cue points and BPM rates for your tracks before hand as most pro-DJ's would do as standard before a gig. Meaning there'd be little reason to actually beat-match at all on the new CDJ's. It would just essentially be a case of hitting a button to get it to your pre-set start points and starting at the right time in sync to then nudge it a little till its locked. No beat-matching required.
The iPod and iPhone generation spans a broad section of hardened advocators within societies the world over which is still growing. It also includes a bunch of people from the fringe "cool hipster" clubber right through to the much larger group of 12 to 15 year old kids well versed in David Guetta's commercial pop chart successes and... Facebook. This also includes adults who actually go clubbing in a more generic sense. Given the whole i'sm culture thing and the mechanics of it against how defensive and easily influenced the youth can be within any such framework, is it any wonder? You only have to look at the how many comedy youtube video's for the youth demographic are leant toward promoting Apple and bashing other none Apple commercial options whilst aligning perceptions of their particular fringe youth culture take on comedy (that has now become a mainstream thing of sorts in having now attained widespread popularity) with the whole Apple thing. Keep in mind that the "kids" also think that their "i" devices are uniquely and exclusively also all about their particular group too and all the cool things that they like.

David Guetta has in fact been DJing for a very long time and he is in fact a fully fledged DJ. He's also managed to create a pop music career for himself by creating tracks with a very popcentric/"poptastic" like sound to them that is easy for the pop masses to listen to. To all intense and purposes he has in fact achieved what many wannabe DJ's would like to achieve albiet via a very commercial easy to listen to poptastic chart like sound that worked on many pop charts the world over. Do I think its cheating that he's able to use something like facebook to get people to vote for him based on his popularity? Nope. But when was the last time we had a DJ/producer act come through with a solid and slightly more challanging "alternative sound" along the lines of Daft Punk, the Chemical Brothers or Fatboy slim? (although technically Daft Punk and the Chemical brothers are more producers then DJ's). At the same time I don't think that there'd be half as many people in the slightest bit bothered if it had been any one of the later mentioned acts that had done the same thing.
There just isn't an alternative to what Guetta does with the more challenging sounds and the same kinds of appeal as far as their core identity is concerned. 
Do I listen to Guetta's music and would I make a conscious effort to go to one of his gigs in the same way that I would do my dambdest to get to a nearby Chemical Brothers gig? In honesty nope. But that doesn't mean he's not deserved of it based on what the people apparently wanted due to his commercial entry into the charts with very commercial sounding dance pop music. He does in fact fit all the criteria for the award even if its not the sound that many people of the scene with less mainstream pop chart preferences wanted. Like I said before if it had been someone like Norman Cook for doing something like the whole Fatboy slim thing I don't think anyone would have noticed or would have even been bothered for that matter. What's even more surprising was the fact that it wasn't someone like Deadmau5 instead of Guetta. Deamau5's sound is almost certainly now very commercial although generally has a lot more edge then Guetta's. But I guess its the fact that Deadmau5 falls in to the category of producers before DJ which is why they might have been excluded.

Just like I stopped listening to 2 unlimited and Culture Beat past the age of 13... (with out being told to or being turned off by a peer piss taking)
Do I think its a bad thing that DJ's of the popstar leaning have garnering such success? Why would it be? The rest of the scene still lives on in all its varieties and niches whilst continuing to lead the way on many fronts and can be differentiated from the less credible by those who do it, live and consume it. It also brings more people into the club scene and they'll inevitably get bored of the mainstream chart pop sounds and facets to it to hunt out other specialties of the more credible and very diverse club floor genres.