The term radiation in a more general sense refers to the way in which certain types of energy are emitted. There are many forms of energy.

Natural sun light is in fact a type of radiation and granted that excessive amounts can be dangerous for any potential skin cancer sufferers without the appropriate filters to block out the UV component to it. But overall sunlight is one of the key base components required for photo synthesis to occur. Why is sunlight, algae and photo synthesis so important? Because it provides one of the main ancestral roots and routes for nearly all life on this planet in helping to form earths atmospheric composition. Yes, we would not actually be here otherwise.

Light from artificial lighting for that matter is also a type of radiation which I would say is pretty safe too. In fact pretty much any that emits light.

If you wanted to be that technical about it you could even break down light into other types of component radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. In fact all types of radiation safe and dangerous to humans can be found somewhere on the electromagnetic spectrum.

In science there are many types of radiation besides light. Many types of radiation are essential natural processes on earth that allow for life to actually exist.

The core of the earth is still active and produces appropriate levels of heat radiation. This helps to stabilize the earth’s environment for most life to exist the way it does now, this is regardless of the balances and extremes the different types of life might require to exist the way they do in their particular way within the overall broad threshold (but at the same time narrow threshold in relation to the wider universe) that the earths biospheric environment provides.

Similar to this principal many people in regions of the world with colder climates have a network of expensive devices installed in their homes that actually produce a the type of radiation we call heat in order to distribute warmth via the process of "convection". Heat energy is initially transferred by boiling water over burning natural gas which is then pumped through metal pipes and large flat metal containers designed with large surface areas in order to more efficiently transfer the heat to the air. The warm air then circulates round and round in a cycle via a process we call "convection" as warm air rises and the cool air falls. This in fact enables many people that live in colder climates to have a better quality of life as well as ensure that the elderly actually survive harsh winters.

In effect the above statement would also be suggesting that we should not be using cell phones and many domestic consumer technologies in general with built in disclosed and undisclosed microwave radio technologies contained within them. That includes the computer and Smartphone I used to type, edit and blog this piece on.

I think the statement should have been "there is/are no type(s) of safe nuclear radioactive radiation" which in the purest sense is true beyond any of the actual modern processes that have been refined in order to yield high amounts of energy from nuclear power production which are relatively safe with modern day methods and technology. We've moved a long way from the likes of previous nuclear disasters or at least I would have hoped we have. But then we might also need to differentiate between literal nuclear power production and the metaphorical kind where websites are concerned. Obviously in the literal sense the waste from nuclear power production is still dangerous no matter how well contained it was or ideally is contained. Dangerous types of radiation include the types associated with X-rays too for sure. That's why your dentist will always run out of the room when taking photographic X-rays as excessive exposure to X-rays have been proven beyond doubt to encourage cancerous growths in human tissue. Needless to say you should also be limiting your exposure to X-rays too.