I guess it'd be hypocritical of my to be complaining that I reckon certain sections of the dance music fraternity have gotten a little too anal and cerebral about it all. But I reckon you can't help but be to a certain degree when turning your attention to what a track or production does and what you need them to do in a particular set context. But really, I can't remember the last time someone had a coronary as a direct result of a warping bass line and a filtered jiggling elasticised jacking tech roll. Nor have any dental cavities been directly or indirectly caused by resonating filtered sustained and released plinking rolls up top as they tickle your MDMA drenched, phet dabbed neural bundle that's just about being contained up in the old skull. Sure maybe if they had some kind medical condition before hand or were seriously overdoing it on the club candies but otherwise I'd say no. Yeah we could talk about till the cows come home and how detached certain folk seem to be from the folks that work nine fives and need to blow steam on the weekend. Or how it was partly the students that came from all up and down the country (and other countries) as well as locally that partly helped to create the buzz, generated the talk as well as turning out without fail to help mould scenes for the superstar DJ's of today in the quest to be part of one of the many edgier university recreational "youth culture" centric past times. There's one major relatively privileged buzz generating word of mouth network already in place outside of the traditional jet setting VIP press. Funnily enough a fair portion of which still have certain lifestyle aspirations despite being broke with heavy student loans. (meaning they have to be careful how they spend their money by default). Then obviously you have your other peripheral sub cultural communities with heavy interests in fringe popular cultures and aspirational lifestyles with expendable income such as young professionals  and the gay community.  Yup the five day grind that didn't matter at all once those two glorious days at the weekend arrived.

What was it that made it exciting? All I'm left with a vagaries of daytime wandering round bohemian Soho like spaces where you'd find all sorts of obscure wares and fashions scaling the price ranges despite still somehow remaining exclusive even if your wallet was looking a bit slim. One thing I do remember was the sounds that effortlessly drifted from one to another as you wandered round despite being of many differing genres.  Hip-hop urban, hip-hop urban electronica influenced beats, drum'n'bass, ambient D'n'B, rare grooves, house, funky house, deep house, tech house, tech house and techno with a Detroit leaning, tribal house, tribal tech house, minimal house before it was even called minimal (most of it falling under techno), techno, funky techno, trance...(so the list goes on). None of it you'd ever hear in the charts but at the same time they almost felt familiar as if I'd heard them regularly on some chart show playlist despite their general obscurity to most. Then came the weekends when it was all just about letting off steam at your particular chosen haunts where your particular tastes were being catered too.

Vinyl record shopping was the thing, Technics turntables were king, summers were hot and winters were cold but the sounds were always there despite the seasonal tints on them.