Someone seemed to get the impression that I was religious or something, but to be frank I wouldn't really say I was. I'm not a religious person, and I neither big up or dis religion in the general sense. Most modern people of religious inclination that I've encountered from general observation are actually quite passive and peaceful. However it's just that it's quite easy to bash passive religious people based on most religions proven documented historical past. In recent times the play-out of behavior from the few Muslim extremist in the media lime light taints all the majority of the peaceful Muslim moderates whilst detracting from Christianities documented proven imposing violent past history that has shaped modern western societies.

I think a lot of the disparity arises when there's a seeming sense of righteousness being perpetuated from the religious sections, however I have encountered a few people in my time of certain status who also take quite a righteous stance in being apposed to religion.

Personally I try to avoid people of seeming extreme religious views, not that I have an issue with them if they are in fact peaceful, I can't help it if it maybe makes me sort of irrationally cringe.

Generally I seemed to get the impression that on a more fundamental level most human beings require some sort of purpose. In this modern age where people are constantly searching for answers and purpose, who am I with my none religious views to screw someone else's sense of purpose that allows them to function in a modern society if they aren't in fact hurting anyone or causing problems for people when the world is so full of fuck ups. In certain ways I too am partly in one of those fuck up categories, much in the way that everyone is kind of pretending to be normal in a less that normal world.

Then again people staunchly apposed to religion would generally claim that just the ideology and belief alone is enough to facilitate the motions for all the ills that they perceive are derived from religion.