So recently I've been a bit lazy in pulling up the numerous erroneous corrections that someone seems to be regularly making to my blogs in thinking they're qualified. In my most recent post the word earth originally had an "s" after it which some fool decided to delete. Clearly who ever it is still is not qualified enough to be correcting my blog, and why they still persist I don't know. Within this context it's an indicator of possession, as in the orbit of the earth that belongs to to the earth. "e.g. the earth's orbit".

It wasn't a miss-placed indicator of a plural. A way to distinguish between them is to look out for an apostrophe. e.g.

"There are numerous planets in our solar system" (plural)

"The planet's orbit is elliptical" (belonging)

Clearly my changing my password doesn't stop you from being able top make these unwanted alterations, so I'm telling you now since I've been polite in asking whoever it is to desist for years, your standard of English is not suitable for correcting my blog. I really hope they haven't given you a certificate for it.