Physical Sex for most women with a guy is not about sexual gratification like it is for nearly all guys, that's what they've had to just accept. But from what I can gather woman can orgasm just as quickly as the quickest man/men if you work the clitoris and labia in an appropriate way and the mood is right. Not too unlike a guy.

Put it this way, if we guys could not orgasm from having sex, we as guys would see little point in sex to begin with.

There'll also be certain women with a slightly higher sensitivity to the the lower amounts of testosterone present in their biological system which can also cause certain women to have higher sex drives. oestrogen counters much of the effects of these low levels of testosterone. However fluctuations in oestrogen levels can also cause sex drive to suddenly rise as the testosterone becomes more effective.

Testosterone is responsible for accelerated physical growth in both males and females during our teens, however there's the obvious counter of increased oestrogen production in females too during puberty.

Guys generally have vastly more testosterone with no counter effect from oestrogen in their systems which will explain many things purely from a biological standpoint. Generally it's a known fact oestrogen encourages the growth of breast as well as increases greater emotional responses.

Women do in fact actually naturally produce a small amount of testosterone in their body throughout their entire lives although it will decline with age just like the larger amounts found in men. Some women will naturally produce a little more of the small amounts of testosterone than others. 

It's testosterone that is the fuel to sex drive.

But just like guys are partly influence by their social settings, societies societal norms and the individual circumstances in which they live, women will also be subject to external regulating factors that help to form certain states of mental conditioning and allowances to various degrees bound by said and unsaid social contracts of mainstream culture and for some certain sub-cultural groups. 

At the end of the day you've got to decide what's important to you in your life in knowing how you would like to be contextually treated by others yourself at any given stage of your life, this on top of trying to be best aware of what you want. Human emotions can be frail and respect is earned. Be honest with the right people in your life that matter to you as there will be many who will be out to abuse that honesty and trust. No one likes the feeling of betrayal and we know of the things that people can do for want of revenge.