Surprise us! Call the next OSX Simba... (...possibly funny and at the same time just wrong). They could also go onto name every release after that after one of the lion characters from it. OSX name shortage problem solvedApparently the story behind the picture goes that the first time lioness mother didn't know how to breast feed. But it seemed a dog that had just given birth to litter of puppies was happily willing to oblige.

"When a bird is alive... It eats Ant's. When the bird is dead.. Ants eat the bird. Time and Circumstances can change at any time. Don't devalue or hurt anyone in life."

In literal terms purely as creatures that are driven by instinct with different patterns of behavior  

Yeah, but surely many more 1000's of ants that didn't get eaten by the bird would also surely have died from natural causes too, due to vastly shorter natural lifespan when compared to the birds. When those ants naturally died I don't think they really cared much about the fact that they were dead nor if anyone was eating their dead bodies either. Just as I'm sure that the bird that ate many ants just to purely survive with no true intent of hurt or malice wouldn't be in the slightest bit bothered that hundreds of ants were eating its dead body after it dies (just as the ants). Ants will always be ants with far less complex biology when compared to the greater complexities of a birds biology. If that wasn't true ants wouldn't be tiny insects that still for the main part live in the ground and scavenge on the surface for food. Most birds will always eat many more ants then ants will ever eat any individual number of birds and the individual birds will live much longer and with the ability to individually travel much further globally then the ants. Also keep in mind that both creatures reproduce. The birds as a collective species versus ants in the purest sense still wins in the bigger picture. Neither the birds or ants could defeat time despite the birds living much longer. But remember there will still be many more birds to eat many more ants too, the lineage of birds didn't just end with the death of that bird used in the example for the ants as a species to triumph.

"It only takes one tree to make a million match sticks. It only takes one matchstick to burn a million trees."

If tree's could think...

I don't think the tree wanted to be turned into a million matchsticks to begin with, I think it would have been pretty gutted about it actually. Nor would I think that it would have intended for a tiny piece of it to be used to set fire to all its pals. The only thing I can take from this is that everything that happened to the trees above was at the hands of someone else or other factors. Since none of the above could have been done by the trees themselves.

My less then perfect take on it with far less open to interpretation nonsense? (...when talking to humans about humans, HUMAN behavior being very different)

Time eventually kills everyone, The actual process that gives you life slowly kills all living things at the biological level. Just live it and try not to do undesirable stuff to others that you wouldn't like to be done to you. But as ever there are always consequences to every action however slight or great and whether its something that might be deemed to be desirable or otherwise. Just make sure you're willing to face the potential consequences of any such actions. 

The statement is less then perfect because the statement could still by turned on its head for the purposes of imposing on others in an undesirable way with the appropriate reasoning and argumentative line of approach relative to specific needs. But at least its a lot less open to interpretation and much more direct in conveying generic intent of encouraging harmony before someone might have chance to unintentionally screw that "harmony" up relative to any particular set of circumstances. Notice I said unintentionally as there will be those who will do it intentionally to either try to achieve a desirable or undesirable outcome too as regards to trying to disrupt or even actually facilitate the specific purpose of perceived harmony.