Judy and now Ron

So much for getting rid of the dog as it now seems we've been lumbered with yet another canine of the same breed as the last but only this time its male and a little larger although still dwarf like in proportion. Its apparently called Ronny/Ron which I thought was a very un-Cambodian naming convention for a domesticated dog out here, I initially thought she was pulling my leg but it actually responds to it. I guess it goes with Judy. I used to watch my little sisters play DS pets all the time and amidst all the finger and DS stylus prodding of the screen interspersed with expected longing moans of wanting a kitten or a puppy, I'm inclined to think they'd dig on this miniature zoo of domestic pets to have invaded the gaff I'm staying in a whole bunch more then I actually am. 

As far as the DS kittens and cats are concerned I reckon they're an exaggeration for obvious reason of making them more interesting as virtual pets then they actually are in real life for the sake of the kids playing DS pets. But with the DS dogs I'd say they've absolutely nailed it based on the premise of how these dogs actually are that I've been lumbered or graced with depending on your outlook. They've perfectly captured the essence of all those sickly endearing traits and quirks that puppies and small dogs tend to have. Its was weird when going out for a few hours and returning for the dogs to be all upbeat and overly enthusiastically happy to see you whilst all vying for your attention to give them a petting as they briskly wagged their tails all happy and attentive for no obvious reason. The pair of them weren't even able to produce anything like the kind of barking that I'd expect dogs to be able to bark like. They just sounded like small children's toys more then real dogs and that’s even only after my actually being  able to get them to bark in some kind of rage which was rare as well as difficult to provoke which is a contrast to many other dogs I'd encountered. They were very timid if nothing else. I also discovered these dogs can actually balance and walk on their hind legs too when being teased for a satisfying petting or a snack. Are they the sharpest tools in the box when compared to other species of domesticated animals of the feline leaning? No, but I don't think it really mattered since they're animalisticly very similar to domesticated cats but obviously dogs are far less subtle and unapologetic about it where as cats just almost seem to pretend to be above it all but do it all in secret. A dog is just a dog, of course it won't consciously be apposed to trying to fuck its own genetic sister for reasons of potentially producing genetically diseased offspring with reduced chances of survival or feel disgusted by it due to more relatively modern social constructs of family values since it doesn't know any better. Nor do they know anything about or would think to use contraception. It's just a dog as I watch it trying to mount its own sister from time to time to then walk around with dribbling cock despite not having successfully copulated. Dogs can actually tell the difference between family members and none family members based on smell. 

 In the same kind of way that I was also a little taken aback by the fact that it licks it own dick quite often too, however I couldn't quite figure out it if was doing this for grooming purposes or for reasons sexual gratification. But then again human males beat off with their hands when required since they generally can't lick their own dicks and dogs obviously don't have the appropriate dexterity to articulate their limbs in a way that would allow them to beat off. Besides dogs obviously don’t have hands.

Cats don't have hands either

Although much easier to look after as domestic pets, in certain contexts cats are as just as bad, I remember when I was a kid how a neighbors cat that was male and called Thompson always used to wander into our garden to groom itself. I remember how a small erect phallus used to protrude from its crotch area (like a tiny pink upside down ice cream cone in shape) which wiggled slowly in a very controlled manner in all directions which it used to air and lick it for extended periods at a time whilst undisturbed. The rest of the time it generally hunted birds that would temporarily land for rest and recuperation and it was obvious that Thompson was very good at it as there was a graveyard of rotting bird corpses under our garden hedge where it uses to drag all its kills. There were even pigeon bodies amongst them too. I won't go into what the females get up to.

I'm kind of glad that my little sisters were only able to have small birds and hamsters as pets since they generally aren't capable of having such sexual urges within the these slightly more advance contextual sentient displays. Although they have witnessed their birds flipping out and going a bit crazy from time to time to do things like eat their own eggs when hungry and turn on their own chicks in nasty ways that resulted in their deaths, that’s assuming they're not manically plucking out their own feathers having gone a little crazy in their cages. But a pair of tropical small bird in a cage in a less then tropical climate? I guess it makes sense considering birds don't usually live in cages either. Such is the animal kingdom even when domesticated.

I couldn't be bothered taking a picture of Ron hence why there is no picture of  him for this post. But then again if he could think like us I don't think he'd be too pleased about me posting a picture of him having outed him for being into incest.